[OutVoice] QMH for April 2009, John Bucchino Interview

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Fri Apr 10 13:40:55 EDT 2009

Howdy from Houston, 

For my April Queer Music Heritage show I'm delighted to bring y'all 
an interview with singer/songwriter John Bucchino. His music has
been a staple of cabaret venues for many years, and more recently
it has appeared in films and on Broadway. And, he's worked for
decades with Holly Near. Hear all about it, as I dig deep...:)


Part 1 – 58:00 minutes – Airdate 4/27/09
Liza Minnelli & Billy Stritch – That Smile (2000) 
John Bucchino – Something As Simple (1981) 
John Bucchino – Contact High (1995) 
Ronnie Gilbert – In a Restaurant by the Sea (1986)  
Elliott Pilshaw – It Feels Like Home (1986)  
Judy Collins – Sweet Dreams (2000) 
Michael Callen – Do Not Turn Away (1995)  
Art Garfunkel – Grateful (2006)  
It’s Only Life cast – It’s Only Life (2006)  
Brian Lane Green – Taking the Wheel (2000) 
Part 2 – 66:07 minutes
Holly Near – Bird Gonna Fly (1987) 
John Bucchino – Until the Balance Tips (1990)  
Ron Romanovsky – A Measure of Sadness (1992) 
David Campbell – Gentle Souls and Tender Hearted Fools (1997)  
John Bucchino - The Artist at 40 (1995)    
Lois Sage – A Friend to Them (1995)   
John Bucchino – Not a Cloud in the Sky (2000) 
David Campbell – Better Than I (2000)  
Gavin Creel – Unexpressed (2000) 
Patti Lupone – Dancing (2000) 
Suede – If I Ever Say I’m Over You (1992) 
Part 3 – 68:43 minutes
Michael Ferreri – A Dream (2000) 
John Bucchino – Where or When (2003) 
Stephen Schwartz – The Line Forms on the Right (2001)  
John Ashmanskas – On My Bedside Table (2006)  
Three Dollar Bill – The Song With the Violins (2006) 
Milena Govich – Don’t Ever Stop Saying I Love You (2008)  
John Bucchino – 79th Street Station (1988)
Suede – Puddle of Love (1992)
Cris Williamson – I’ve Learned to Let Things Go (2003) 
Bill Wright – Something Spontaneous (1995)   
Michael Feinstein – Grateful (2000) 

You can stream or  download  the show anytime,  at   

Part 1 will air on the show Queer Voices, on KPFT in Houston,
90.1 fm, on Monday April 27, 2009, at 10pm, and the station
netcasts at www.kpft.org.

Thanks for listening, 

JD Doyle 

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