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Jon Gilbert Leavitt jon at jglsongs.com
Fri Apr 3 20:20:14 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Spring has sprung and lots of new and good things are coming to life. This
newsletter is primarily dedicated to a CD release called ³Pride at 40,² and
apropos that today Iowa passed the same-sex marriage bill and Vermont may be
able to override the governor¹s veto. Easter and Passover are also days
away, which symbolize a new birth and exodus from the past; all in all, it¹s
a very optimistic time.

Wishing you all the best,


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ONTRACK  - JGLsongs Newsletter ­ April 2009


The end of April will mark the release of Pride at 40 ­ The Music of a
Movement.  Featuring the updated version of Jon¹s 2000 single Pride, the
2009 version includes  two new verses, an entire new recording and featuring
the vocals of Freddy Freeman                        (who also co-produced
the single with Jon) and Kevin Hannan. Other cuts on the EP include Open
World (a song performed by Becky Maas and featured in the educational video
German High; Starbucks Boy (a re-write of Dean Friedman¹s McDonald¹s Girl)
with vocals by David Brown; two instrumentals by Jon, Howl (a tribute to
Allen Ginsberg) and Mithli Mithlak (a dance/trance track with middle eastern
motifs); and Nothing But Love, a cut written and performed by Nashville¹s
own Freddy Freeman and Charlie K. Brown, which also embodies the spirit of
pride. Updated information will be online a jglsongs.com (click the album
cover link) including availability. The single Pride 2000 is already making
a buzz, and will be featured on Tom Robinson¹s (UK) national radio program
Music Introducing on BBC6 and has already been spun on Bill Northrup¹s show
QNation FM.

**PRIDE 2009 ­ THE VIDEO**
The video of Pride 2009 is also making quite a noise across cyberspace. Two
versions (same video ­ different audio) have already received about 13,000
hits on YouTube in the twelve days it has been online, which translates into
over 1,000 hits per day! Bloggers like Towleroad, After Elton, Kenneth in
the 212, Joe My God and Queerty have already picked up on it, as well as
many other bloggers in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy and Israel.  The video
can be seen online at You Tube in both HQ (hi-def) and with closed captions
(with the lyrics); watch it at


The video will also be available on iTunes and other music video sites
through the distributor Tunecore. Plans are also in the works for it to be
aired on LOGO and here! TV as well as other stations.


JGLsongs¹ music sample catalog has been signed to PUMP AUDIO as a
non-exclusive licensor. Some of Pump Audio¹s clients include MTV, NBC
Universal, CBS, ABC, BBC, A&E, VH1, Comedy Central,  Spike TV, UPN, The
Oprah Winfrey Show, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Ameritrade, Burger King, Kodak,
Louis Jadot and Kellogg's. JGLsongs is also affiliated with My Music Source
as another non-exclusive licensor for some cuts. More information at
jglsongs.com under ³Licensing.²


Jon will be attending ASCAP¹s ³I Create Music² expo in Los Angeles from
April 23-25 ­ an event chock full of workshops, music business seminars,
interviews as well as live performances and lots and lots of networking. Any
fellow music friends who are going to be there, let me know!

Jon Gilbert Leavitt

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