[OutVoice] QMH for October 27th....Interviews with Gaye Adegbalola and Scott Free

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Sun Oct 26 12:58:58 EDT 2008

Howdy from Houston, 

Two great interviews this month, from very Out  and proud blues artist Gaye 
Adegbalola and rocker Scott Free, exploring their  long careers and their 
latest albums, that I think are the best they've each  done, their 
masterworks...and the material is Very queer...:)


Gaye Adegbalola – Queer Blues (2008)
Gaye  Adegbalola Interview
Gaye Adegbalola & Cleome – Let It Be Me  (2008)   
Saffire – Middle Aged Blues (1990)    
Saffire – I Lost My Baby to Another Man (1996) 
Gaye Adegbalola – Big  Ovaries Baby (1999)
Gaye Adegbalola – Prove It On Me Blues (2004)   
Gaye Adegbalola – BD Woman’s Blues (2004) 
Gaye Adegbalola – Bareback  (2008)  
Gaye Adegbalola – I Ain’t Ashamed (2008)  
Scott Free  early medley: Higher (1987) / 
Beat the Rap (1984) / Garbage Man  (1997)
Scott Free Interview
Scott Free – Like a Girl (2002, live,  part)   
Scott Free – Like a Girl (2008)
Scott Free – Mom Dad I  (2008)     
Scott Free – Meet Mr Right (2008)    
Scott Free – Act Up Fight Back (2008)  
Scott Free – Not Good Enough  (1999)
Scott Free – My Generation (2008) 
Scott Free - Free  (2008)   

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Thanks for listening, 

JD Doyle

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