[OutVoice] Vote For LGBT Artists On QNation FM's Pride Music Playoffs

Bill Northrup billnor at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 11:05:48 EDT 2008

The Pride Music Playoffs airs Sundays at 10 AM EST on Qnation FM.

You can cast your votes at Pride Music Playoffs
Polls will be open all week.

This week the LGBT artist matchups are

Matchup #1
Aiden Bay  - Tell Me What To Do (2-1)
Ariel Aparicio  - Life And Times (2-1)
Naked Highway  - Shorty The Pimp [Sweet Rains Mix] (2-1)

Matchup #2
Will-W.  - Gettin' 2 Know U  (0-0)
The Ones  - When We Get Together [Josh Peace Mix]  (0-0)
Logan Lynn  - Feed Me To The Wolves (0-0)

Championship Matchup
Solomon  - Feelin' Brand New (2-0)
Elijah Black - Smile For Me (5-0)

If any LGBT artists would like to submit a song for the playoffs contact me.

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