[OutVoice] Naked Gay Opera...Oh no... Oh, YES!!

Zecca Esquibel zecca at erols.com
Mon Jun 23 13:02:15 EDT 2008

Don't konw how many opera buffs there are here (Neil Young, like me,
apparently plays more Wagner at home than any other composer), but
have you seen the gay kiss (OK, "peck") and the naked tenor singing
Vivaldi (!) at;


It's launched a firestorm of controversy over whether Opera Houses are
promoting competent beautiful sex objects over real talent in the ever
growing battle for ticket sales. Ever since the success of Thomas
Hampson, "pretty" opera has exploded in popularity 'cause live-taping
cameras have brought the audience closer to the once distant
performers, and, just as in rock, sex objects get the bucks at the
expense of real talent in less photogenic packages. Anna Natrebko is
the latest, and in my opinion, WORST offender on the
appearance-trumps-talent opera stage and I don't even have to bring up
any worse example than Gwen Steffani in pop, do I? Are we really
getting shallower by the day?!!

Peace and Love,

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