[OutVoice] Tallahassee, FL: "Pride in the Park is Centerpiece to Weeklong Celebration"

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Tallahassee  Democrat 
Pride in the Park is  centerpiece of weeklong celebration

June  6, 2008 
Jade Esteban Estrada returns with  Vol. 3 of his "ICONS" series, and he'll 
stick around for the week's activities.  Photo by PATRICK  PATTERSON 
Read it  online: 
Unfurl the rainbow  flag and let it fly for Tallahassee PrideFest 2008! 
The weeklong  celebration by Tallahassee's lesbian, gay and  transgender 
community includes parties, performances, readings, an art exhibit  and the 
festival's centerpiece, Pride in the Park. This year, Pride in the Park  moves from 
its previous location at Tom Brown Park to the heart of  downtown. 
"This year, rather  than doing what some have called 'gay hide' . . . we're 
bringing all of our  events into downtown and midtown Tallahassee," said 
festival  organizer Steven Hall. "Instead of a one-afternoon event at a park on the  
outskirts of town, we are hosting eight different events." 
It wouldn't be a  Tallahassee PrideFest without Jade Esteban Estrada, the 
"Prince of  Pride." The effervescent entertainer will perform the third and final 
 installment of his "ICONS: The Lesbian & Gay History of the World" series,  
in which he has portrayed such notable historical and cultural figures as  
Sappho, Oscar Wilde, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of  
Sweden and Michelangelo. 
"When I created the  first ICONS installment, I decided to call it 'Vol. 1' 
because the history of  any people is like a vast ocean," Estrada said in a 
phone interview. "Doing a  performance like (ICONS) is like dipping a bucket in 
the ocean — you can only  get so much at one time. I knew it had to be a 
In the third "ICONS"  revue, Estrada delivers his takes on the Old 
Testament's Naomi, King James I (he  of Bible revision fame), Bessie Smith, Greg 
Louganis and vice-presidential  daughter Mary Cheney. 
Estrada will be around  for the full week of Pride activities and will act as 
emcee of Pride in the  Park. 
"Tallahassee has been so amazing  to me," he said. "Coming here is like 
coming home." 
Here's a look at the  Tallahassee PrideFest 2008 schedule. Weeklong passes 
are available for $35 for  general admission and $85 for VIP. For complete 
information, check the Web site  at _www.tallahasseepride.com_ 
(http://www.tallahasseepride.com/) . 
·  Sunday, 8 p.m.: "A Rainbow  Affair" PrideFest kick-off party at Tantra 
Lounge, 1225 N. Monroe St., featuring  a live band. Tickets are $5 for general 
admission, $10 for VIP.   
·  Monday, 8 p.m.: Jade Esteban  Estrada performs "ICONS: The Lesbian & Gay 
History of the World, Vol. 3" at  The Comedy Zone, 401 E. Tennessee St. Tickets 
are $10 for general admission, $20  for VIP.  
·  Tuesday: "Quill, A Literary Pride  Event," with a VIP Q&A session at 7 
p.m., doors opening for general  admission at 7:45 and a post-event book-signing, 
at The Warehouse, 706 W. Gaines  St. Admission is free, seating is limited.  
·  Wednesday: "Brushed, An  Exhibition of Pride," with VIP opening at 6  
p.m., general opening at 7  p.m., at The Cloisters of  All Saints. Parking at The 
Family Tree, 310 Blount  St. Free admission.   
·  Thursday, 8  p.m.: Comedian Marga Gomez  performs "Laugh, Baby, Laugh!" at 
The Moon, 1105 E. Lafayette  St. General admission is  $15, VIP tickets are 
·  June 13, 10  p.m.: Pride Pre-Party, with  the fabulous Veronica, at Club 
Rayn, 1660 N. Monroe  St. General admission is  $15, VIP admission is $20.  
·  June 14, 11 a.m. to 6  p.m.: Pride in the Park,  with Jade Esteban 
Estrada, live music, comedians, special guest Truly Tina and  more. Free admission.  
·  June 15, 3 to 8  p.m.: "Recovery, A Tea  Dance" at Boulevard Park, 
adjacent to The  Family Tree, 310 Blount  St. Free  admission. 
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