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                              THIS WAY OUT
              the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                   Program #1,035, distributed 01/28/08
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
          Divine, dramatic, and driving music in the "Audiofile";
     Al Gore supports marriage equality while virtual weddings click;
            Mexican "Senoritas Say I Do" in a "Rainbow Minute";
    The EuroCourt rejects adoption discrimination, Argentine activists
pursue recognition of their Madrid marriage, Italy's civil partnerships
           perish as Prodi plummets, and more global LGBT news

*In "NewsWrap": The European Court of Human Rights rules that sexual 
orientation alone cannot bar otherwise-qualified lesbigay adults from adopting 
children, but a Polish government official says his country will defy the ruling... a 
leading Argentine gay couple marries in Spain and will sue for its 
recognition in their home country... failing to deliver promised legislation to 
recognize same-gender couples, the corruption-charged coalition government of Italian 
PM Romano Prodi falls... Europe's first nursing home for lesbigay people opens 
in Berlin... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG 
GORDON, and reported this week by GREG GORDON & RICK WATTS).

* The three remaining contenders for the Democratic Party's presidential 
nomination each support some form of civil unions, but continue to oppose marriage 
for same-gender couples.   Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama cite some 
vague personal reservations on the issue, while former Senator John Edwards 
has famously described himself as "on a journey" towards full equality.   
However, another high-profile Democrat has apparently reached the end of that 
journey.   Bill Clinton's former Vice President and 2000 presidential candidate AL 
GORE had been on record supporting civil unions, but listen to his personal 
blog posting this week on current.com, as the Nobel-winning climate guru warms 
up to full equality.

* In the virtual world virtually anything is possible, including the chance 
for same-gender couples to get married.   "This Way Out" correspondents DIXIE 
TREICHEL and JOHN TOWNSEND ["Fresh Fruit"/KFAI-Minneapolis] chat with ANNA LEE 
of the LGBT-inclusive adult virtual reality world REDLIGHTCENTER.COM.

* Mexican "Senoritas Say I Do" in a "RAINBOW MINUTE" (produced by JUDD 
PROCTOR & BRIAN BURNS at WRIR-FM in Richmond, Virginia and read by ROBIN AUSTIN).

* Hawai'ian spirituality (excerpts from "Water from the Rock (40 Years)" and 
the title track from KIM-CHAR MEREDITH's "PAPER KNIFE"), musical theatre ("You 
and I" and "Ever After" from "BARE THE MUSICAL"), and good ol' "crank it up" 
fun ("In the Middle of Nowhere" and "Loud" from ALAN LETT's "A MOMENT AWAY") 
are the trademarks of the artists featured in this month's "AUDIOFILE" (with 
comments by the artists, hosted by CHRIS WILSON & JD DOYLE, and written & 
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