[OutVoice] Stop the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" Now!

Joanne Lynn Benjamin garfield25_tg at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 10:18:20 EST 2008

     On January 17, 2008, Pennsylvania State Senators started working to pass a
so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" that would amend the
Pennsylvania Constitution to define marriage as solely between one man
and one woman, as well as prohibit civil unions and potentially more.
Please take a moment to call and e-mail your Senator and give a
voice to the millions of Pennsylvanians who oppose writing
discrimination into our State Constitution. To find your State
Senator's contact information, click

In 2006, Equality Advocates, with the help of countless LGBT
Pennsylvanians and allies across the state, defeated the attempt to
amend the Pennsylvania Constitution. This over-reaching amendment would
have prohibited relationship recognition for all unmarried couples in
the state.

Please act now to help ensure fairness for all Pennsylvanians!

Thank you and with your continued support we will defeat this amendment once again!       

Talking Points
The so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" would deny legal recognition of unmarried families.
The Pennsylvania Constitution is a document that was created to expand rights, not limit them.

Pennsylvania law already stops gay and lesbian couples from marrying. This amendment, therefore, is not necessary.

So-called Marriage Protection Amendments affect all families, not just same-sex families.       

For more details and to e-mail your senator Visit:        

-Joanne Lynn 
   Northwest PA Trans Group
" I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage (MythBusters) 

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