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                   Program #1,048, distributed 04/28/08
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Folksy rockin’, classically bent, and topical tunes in the "Audiofile";
                   iTunes exiles homophobic hate songs;
 A 2-dad adoption strengthens lesbigay Israeli families, a Melbourne
 anchorman comes out, ex-cons outrank queers in the U.S. military, a
 "sexual bullying" study shows the need for the "Day of Silence," gay
fans are relieved "As The World Turns" their way, and more global news

* In "NewsWrap":   Israel further expands its recognition of families headed 
by same-gender couples by approving the adoption of a now-8-year-old Cambodian 
boy by a gay male couple and granting the child Israeli citizenship... 
62-year-old veteran Melbourne TV anchorman Peter Hitchener comes out... lesbigay 
enlistees discharged from the U.S. military under "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" are 
fuming over newly-released data that recruiters are admitting convicted 
ex-felons to fill the Pentagon’s depleted ranks... a new study suggests that "sexual 
bullying" in U.S. schools does more harm than other forms of such abuse, while 
hundreds of thousands of U.S. students, from middle and high schools to 
colleges and universities, participate in the 12th annual National Day of Silence... 
queer fans of the U.S. soap opera "As The World Turns" celebrate a new 
on-screen kiss between "Luke" and "Noah," the show’s gay teen lovers, after 
protesting a more than 211-day absence of such televised lip-locks... and other LGBT 
news from around the world   (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by 

* Many queer activists are hailing a decision by leading North American 
online music retailer iTunes to remove from sale 3 notoriously homophobic 
"dancehall" songs that advocate the brutal killing of gay men.   Buju Banton’s "Boom 
Bye Bye," Elephant Man’s "Log On," and T.O.K. ’s "Chi Chi Man" are no longer 
available at iTunes in Canada or the U.S. – in fact, any album they’re on has 
been stricken.   Speaking from Toronto with "This Way Out" correspondent 
HEATHER KITCHING [from "Queer-FM" on CiTR/Vancouver, B.C.], AKIM LARCHER of Stop 
Murder Music Canada insists that it’s not a question of "censorship."   His group 
has also targeted other "kill-the-queers" songs, but he thinks they’ve made a 
good start.

* A beloved duo (excerpts from "This House" and "Higher Ground" from WISHING 
CHAIR’s "FOLK AND ROLL"), a touring Californian ("Halo" and "Judy (for Shame)" 
from SACHA SACKET’s "LOVERS & LEADERS"), and a relative newcomer ("When Is It 
My Turn" and the title track from STEVEN FRANZ’s "SKINS & SHIRTS") are the 
entertaining artists in this month’s "AUDIOFILE"   (with comments by the 
performers, hosted by CHRIS WILSON & JD DOYLE, and written and produced with 
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