[OutVoice] QMH for April 28th: Kristian Hoffman, The Mumps and Klaus Nomi

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Sat Apr 26 16:53:38 EDT 2008

Howdy from Houston,

Welcome  to my April  Queer  Music Heritage show, featuring a fun and 
fascinating interview with  singer/songwriter Kristian Hoffman, who'll talk about his 
career and involvement  with the late 70's pop/punk band The Mumps and 
"operatic space alien" Klaus  Nomi.


The Mumps – Crocodile  Tears (1977)  
The Mumps –  Dutchboy(1976)  
The Mumps – I Like to Be  Clean (1977)     
The Mumps – Awkward Age  (1977)  
Klaus Nomi – Samson and Delilah aria  (1980)   
Klaus Nomi – Total  Eclipse (1983) 
Klaus Nomi – After the  Fall (1982) 
Klaus Nomi – The Twist  (1983) 
Klaus Nomi – Pop  Standards Medley  
Swinging Madisons –  Mediocre Dream (1981)  
Swinging Madisons –  Society’s Child (1981)   
Swinging Madisons – Belinda (1982)    
Bleaker Street Incident – Trigger Happy  (1985)   
Kristian Hoffman – I  Don’t Love My Guru Anymore (1993)  
Kristian Hoffman – Odd Man Out (1993)     
Kristian Hoffman – Lemons  Never Forget (1994)     
Kristian Hoffman – Earthquake Weather (1996)   
Kristian Hoffman – Man In  a Hurry (1996)    
Rosenstolz, with Marc Almond – Total  Eclipse (2002)  
Kristian Hoffman & Russell Mael (of Sparks) – Devil in  My Care (2002)    
Kristian Hoffman & El Vez – Madison Avenue (2002)   
Kristian Hoffman &  Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross) – I Could Die for Cute  
Ann Magnuson &  Kristian Hoffman - Old Enuf 2 B Yer Mom (2006)   
Kristian Hoffman – Evil  (2008)   
Kristian  Hoffman & Rufus Wainwright – Scarecrow (2002)    

You can stream  or  download the show anytime, at 
_http://www.queermusicheritage.us/apr2008.html_ (http://www.queermusicheritage.us/apr2008.html) 

And,  the  radio version is on KPFT, 90.1fm, Houston, Monday, April 28th,  
CDT, and the station netcasts at _http://www.kpft.org_ (http://www.kpft.org)  

Thanks for listening, 

JD Doyle

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