[OutVoice] Scott Free's THE PINK ALBUM - "The Wound that Never Heals"

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Tue Apr 22 08:01:27 EDT 2008

Hey gang -
Here's a "heads-up" on the brand new Scott Free cd - THE PINK ALBUM.
Congrats to Scott!! - luv, ru

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"In previous albums Scott explored hip-hop, hard core and punk musical styles 
as avenues for his brutally frank queer poetry. In THE PINK ALBUM, Scott 
reveals an affinity for a softer, more jazz-tinged approach. Several of its songs 
open with a kind of mellow, rambling, improvisational vocal recitative. In the 
opening track "Overture" - it's Scott on trumpet - playing a haunting melody 
that harkens back to the elegiac"Unanswered Question" of Charles Ives (an 
official theme of sorts for the gay community during the early, tragic AIDS 

Scott's past recordings often featured his ragged, rage-filled style of 
guitar playing . However, THE PINK ALBUM is more keyboard-based - with Scott on 
piano, organ, electric piano, synthesizer, etc. This listener hears influences 
ranging from Todd Rundgen to Joe Jackson - with a random touch of zoot-suited 
Brian Setzer (track 8 - "Meet Mr. Right") and protest-march Bob Dylan (track 9 - 
"Free") thown in. There is an overall sad quality to this album (punctuated 
by Scott's mopey visage in the cd's cover photo). It is reminiscent of the 
"lonely" phase of The Beatles, as found in their Penny Lane/Eleanor Rigby/St. 
Peppers circa-1967 era. My favorite tracks include "Side Effect" with it's 
bombastic, exploratory Theolonious Monk-meets-Charles Ives-meets Frank Zappa chord 
progressions; and "Better" - about a man fighting a losing battle with AIDS. The 
lyrics in this song are pure distilled poetry. No songwriter stares death in 
face as disturbingly honest as Mr. Free." - Robert Urban, URBAN PRODUCTIONS, 


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