[OutVoice] I'm In The Latest Issue of POZ Magazine

Zecca Esquibel zecca at erols.com
Sat Apr 19 11:37:58 EDT 2008

Hey Outsters, check out the current (May) issue of POZ Magazine.  That's
my ex-lover and lead singer Sherri on the cover!  Yesssss, she's a
real woman.  Love is love, right?  My lover Tom and I are about to celebrate
our 10th anniversary in three days!  Anyway, I digress...  Sherri is
now a hot shot AIDS activist and the cover story about her and her work has some
quotes from me as well as insight into what life was like for us as GET WET.
 If you can't find POZ Magazine where you live, you
can go to their website:


and click on "HIV: Behind the Music".  You'll get the print but not
the photo layout.

Peace and Love and Health,

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