[OutVoice] TV "Workout" star Jesse Brune + S. Bear Bergman on stage and in print+ global LGBT news

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                              THIS WAY OUT
              the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                   Program #1,046, distributed 04/14/08
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
 Gay personal trainer and chef Jesse Brune gives TV a "Workout";
       Jewish trans artist S. Bear Bergman on stage and in print;
    Desmond Tutu apologizes for Anglican angst over LGBT inclusion;
 More "debauched" men are jailed in Egypt, Serbian homophobia threatens
the Eurovision Song Contest, Singapore fines a cable outlet for showing
     a commercial with two women kissing, and more global GLBT news

* In "NewsWrap": An Egyptian court jails five men for three years for 
"debauchery" in what more than 100 health and human rights groups are calling a 
continuing "witch hunt"... a new poll reveals that 70% of people in Serbia believe 
homosexuality to be an illness, while rightwing elements in that country are 
threatening violence against gay people when Belgrade hosts the annual 
Eurovision Song Contest... Singapore slaps a cable TV outlet with a stiff fine for 
showing two women kissing on its MTV Mandarin-language channel, while two women 
in the Nigerian city of Kaduna are sentenced under Islamic law to six months in 
prison and 20 lashes each for having a lesbian relationship... and more LGBT 
news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by 

* He's the Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa who was 
awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his anti-apartheid and international 
human rights activism.   DESMOND TUTU has been a staunch advocate for lesbigay 
equality for many years, but ironically he'd never spoken directly to a large, 
predominantly LGBT audience -- until this week.    Tutu was in San Francisco 
to accept an award from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights 
Commission for being what that group calls "a moral luminary whose inclusive approach 
to human rights advocacy paves the way for a better world."   At a pre-event 
press conference, Tutu told reporters why he was going to use his acceptance 
speech to, in part, apologize on behalf of his Church for its treatment of LGBT 
people, and why he's been such a vocal ally for LGBT rights around the world.

* S. BEAR BERGMAN is a Jewish trans writer and actor, a self-described 
instigator and gender-jammer, and a good example of what happens when you 
overeducate a contrarian.   The award-winning performance artist's most recent 
production, "MONDAY NIGHT IN WESTERBORK," and book, "BUTCH IS A NOUN," are the subjects 
of this conversation with This Way Out correspondents DIXIE TREICHEL and JOHN 
TOWNSEND (from "Fresh Fruit" on KFAI-FM/Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota) 

* JESSE BRUNE, co-star of U.S. cable television channel BRAVO's lesbian-led 
docudrama reality show "WORKOUT," is a professional chef, personal trainer, out 
gay man, and self proclaimed "happy living expert."   As the show launches 
its third season, This Way Out's STEVE PRIDE chats with Jesse about weight 
issues, masculinity, celebrity, and the sudden death of fellow gay trainer Doug 
Blasdell during the show's previous season (with clips from the show) 
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