[OutVoice] The Pope & Sandy Rapp

SandyRapp at aol.com SandyRapp at aol.com
Sun Apr 13 16:49:18 EDT 2008

>From SandyRapp.com
Religion, in the US is a universally protected  category, while of course 
sexual orientation is not. So the Roman Catholic  Hierarchy is free to vilify 
gays, and to lobby against HIV education on  Presidential commissions, and to in 
general use its tax-exempt largess against  women's reproductive rights in all 
arenas. Some years ago I wrote a book on  these matters: God's Country: A 
Case Against Theocracy; The Haworth  Press, 1991. After publication I returned to 
my life-long career in  music and wrote a song for the Hierarchy: "White Men 
In Black Dresses,"  available on my We The People CD .
If any of you would like a "White Men In Black  Dresses" mp3 for airplay (or 
any other play) in protest to Pope Benedict's  arrival in the US, just say the 
word and I'll email it forthwith. _SandyRapp at aol.com_ 
(mailto:SandyRapp at aol.com)  

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