[OutVoice] March OutVoice Top 40!

Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Wed Apr 9 16:59:58 EDT 2008

Congratulations all artists! I will add February chart this weekend and then complete the up/down and months on for the march Chart! Thanks again for your patience.

1. Norine Braun  "Evolution Of The Blood Star" * http://www.norinebraun.com 

2. Nick Granato  "Outside The Lines"  *  http://www.nickgranato.com  

3. Matthew Duffy"The Healing Machine"  www.matthewduffy.com 

4. Shawn Thomas  "Faith Unashamed" * www.shawnthomasonline.com  

5. Jess Yoakum "Jess Yoakum"*    http://www.jessyoakum.com  

6. Joshua Klipp  "Won't Stop Now"*  http://www.cutelittlewhiteguy.com 

7. Nhojj  "Soul Comfort" *  http://www.nhojj.com 

8. Terry Christopher "Journey Of A Wordsmith"  * http://www.terrychristopher.com   

9. Mara Levi  "What Are You"*  http://www.maralevi.com   

10. Storybox  "No Dancing Allowed" * http://www.storyboxmusic.com  

11. Kris Landherr   "Will Rassle For Food" * www.krislandherr.com

12. Jeffrey Wilgus  "Signature" * www.jeffreywilgus.com

13. Ari Gold  "Transport Systems"*    www.arigold.com  

14. CYNOVA  "Miracle Alley"  *  http://www.cynova.info   

15. Carlyn Hutchins "Lust Love Lost" *  http://www.carlynhutchins.com 

16. Josh Duffy  "Artificial" * http://www.joshduffyonline.com 

17. Melissa Etheridge"The Awakening"   http://www.melissaetheridge.com

18. Danny Katz"Strangely Beautiful" *   http://www.dannykatzmusic.com/

19. Evan Cowden "No One Is To Blame" *  http://www.myspace.com/evancowden 

20. Mary Edwards  "A Smile In The Mind"   http://maryedwardsmusic.com 

21. Tret Fure   "True Compass" *  http://www.tretfure.com 

22. Natalia Zuckerman   "Only One"*   http://www.nataliazukerman.com  

23. Moon Trent  "Quilt" *  http://www.myspace.com/moontrent 

24. Jeremy James   "Landlocked" *   http://www.jeremyjamesmusic.com 

25. John Raymond Pollard  "Character" * http://www.johnpollard.com 

26. Woobie Bear Music "G" * CD Global 1 Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com   

27. Adam Book  "In These Verses"   http://www.adambook.com 

28. Steven Franz  "Skins & Shirts"  * http://www.stevenfranz.com 

29. Nemesis Rising  "Rise Up"  http://www.nemesisrising.com/   

30. Colton Ford "The Way You Love Me"  http://www.coltonfordmusic.com   

31. James Collins  "The Messenger" * http://www.jameslcollins.com 

32. SUGARBEACH  "I Just Love Girls"  * http://www.sugarbeachmusic.com 

33. Tom McCormack  "Missing"  http://www.tommccormack.com 

34. Mary Gauthier  "Between Daylight And Dark"*  http://www.marygauthier.com

35. Horse McDonald   "Red Haired Girl" *  http://www.randan.org 

36. Tom Goss  "Rise"  * www.tomgossmusic.com 

37. Richard Cortez  "Craving Something Beautiful" * http://www.wollenbergrecords.com

38. Prince Myshkins  "Total Myshkin Awareness" http://www.princemyshkins.com/  

39. NEKKED  "A Barrier Of Skin"  * http://www.nekked.net/  

40. Sue Merchant  "Fool" *  http://suemerchant.net  

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