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Mon May 28 04:23:04 EDT 2007

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                             THIS WAY OUT
             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                Program #1,000, distributed 05/28/07
       (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Queer artists bring hip-hop out of the closet and onto the "Audiofile";
      Exploring pulp literature's "Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica";
     How psychiatry recovered from homophobia in a "Rainbow Minute";
  Moscow Pride petitioners are bashed and busted in a militants' melee,
  A UN committee rejects LGBT bids for NGO status, Japan's first queer
   politician goes national, Anglican angst continues, and more news

* In "NewsWrap": The United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental 
Organizations rejects applications from Sweden's leading LGBT group and defers 
consideration of groups from Spain and Brazil... buses promoting Pride stall in the 
Lithuanian city of Kaunas and the capital city of Vilnius, which also bars an 
EU-sponsored bus promoting tolerance... Japan's first openly lesbian or gay 
politician Kanako Otsuji announces her candidacy for a seat in the national 
parliament... Anglican spiritual leader Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams 
refuses to invite openly-gay U.S. Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson and the leader 
of Nigerian-sponsored breakaway conservative parishes to next year's 
once-a-decade Lambeth Conference... Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of U.S. Vice 
President Dick Cheney, gives birth to Samuel David Cheney... and more GLBT news 
from around the world  (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by TANYA 
KANE-PARRY and DON LUPO) + Moscow Pride melee news bulletin (reported by GREG 

* "This Way Out" life and literature commentator JANET MASON explores the 
world of lesbians in the 1920's and 30's portrayed in the recently-published "THE 

(produced by JUDD PROCTOR & BRIAN BURNS at WRIR-FM in Richmond, Virginia and read by 

* Can hip hop spark the queer revolution?  The artists featured in this 
month's "AUDIOFILE" are on the right tracks (featuring excerpts from "Good 
Morn'ting" and "Work It Out" from TORI FIXX's "CODE RED," "Sweat" and the title track 
from BIGG NUGG's "LA REVOLUCION," and MZ FONTAINE's "Wavin' Da Flag" and JFP's 
"San Francisco Values" from the compilation CD "HOMOREVOLUTION TOUR 2007," 
with comments by Tori Fixx and Bigg Nugg about their music, hosted by CHRIS 
WILSON & JD DOYLE, and written & produced with CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM).
                    = artist-supplied contact info =
TORI FIXX             BIGG NUGG              HOMOREVOLUTION TOUR 2007
torifixx at hotmail.com  Jose Ramirez Jr.       homorevolution at gmail.com
www.torifixx.com      P.O. Box 217           www.homorevolution.com
                      Defiance, OH 43512
                      biggnugg at biggnugg.com
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