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Welcome  to another two part show on Transgender Music. For May’s show we 
start with the  first famous transsexual, Christine Jorgensen, and who knew that 
a couple of her  night club shows had been captured? Well, record producer 
David Cunard did, and  we’ll hear him tell about his recording her in 1985. And we
’ve got the stories  of two very different trangendered performers, with 
about 40 years between their  public careers. Terry Noel was a showgirl in the 
famed Jewel Box Revue and also  New York City’s 82 Club in the early 60’s and 
she talks about those days, her  SRS, and life since. Then, jump to the present 
to hear from Sarafina Marachino,  one of the founders of the all-transgenderd 
band Lipstick Conspiracy. Sara talks  about the band and its gender politics.

Part 1, 42:35 min 
Christine Jorgensen – Welcome To My World (1985)   
Christine  Jorgensen – intro and “I Enjoy Being a Girl” (1985)   
David  Cunard Interview  
Christine Jorgensen – See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have (1985)  
Terry  Noel Interview  
Hermione Baddeley – I Changed My Sex a Week Ago Today (1961)   
Terry Noel – Lies of Handsome Men (2007) 
Part 2, 28:00  min 
Lipstick Conspiracy – Welcome to the Gender Frontier (2006)  
Sarafina Marachino  Interview 
Lipstick Conspiracy  – I Won’t Go (2006)  
Lipstick Conspiracy  – Constant Craving (2006)        
Lipstick Conspiracy – Just a Girl (2006)   
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