[OutVoice] Am talkin' 'bout VANGE DURST! Gay Guitarists Worldwide feature player June 2007

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Sat May 26 16:04:00 EDT 2007

Hey members - 

Her style & sound comprise an original take on vintage chicken-scratch 
soul/funk/rock ala Curtis Mayfield meets Average White Band meets Sly & The Family 
Stone. She is further gifted with a sassy, smoky multi-octave, finely-tuned 
Tina Turneresque croon. Needless to say, in her presence the whole room feels at 
home.   She spreads the LUV on good n' thick. She can jam with anyone and make 
'em sound good. 'Nuff said?

Am talkin' 'bout one of my all-time fav heroes of LGBT music and June 2007 
featured GAY GUITARISTS WORLDWIDE player - Connecticut based singer/songwriter 
and distinguished electric guitarist VANGE DURST!   Exclusive Vange photos and 
interview at: http://roberturban.com/GGWinterviewvangedurst.html

Vange says: “I have been blessed with a funky soul, the ability to make 
people feel liked, and a whole barrelful of schmooze! After many years of trying 
too hard, I am now in the wonderful place where my listening comes before my 
playing. To me the best high in the world is being exactly where the note is, to 
catch the magic spiral and ride the circle of sound. That moment makes 
everything else worthwhile”.

Vange was a founding member of world-renowned gurl-funk band Sisterfunk and 
is playing 5 shows this summer with Tina Jean and Denise Troy of the band. She 
is also finishing up a 13 song CD with her trio, EV3, and is the lead guitar 
player with the R & B band D-Vine. (And this is her taking it easy!) 

Crank it up - our time has come!

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