[OutVoice] Upcoming dates - MO, CA, OR, WA, NY, MI

BMGNedra at aol.com BMGNedra at aol.com
Sun May 20 19:37:30 EDT 2007

Hi folks! Just a quick note to let you know I may be in your hood  soon!
Also if you check out my myspace site you can see two new live solo  
acoustic clips from the Black Women's Art Festival in Philly! One more  
thing that's currently only available on my myspace is the SNOCAP  
digital download option. That's the only way to get "Testify" these  
_www.myspace.com/nedra_ (http://www.myspace.com/nedra) 
Below are my upcoming dates.
5.26.07 Kansas City, MO - All Souls Unitarian Church
6.03.07 Santa Cruz,  CA - Santa Cruz Pride
6.07.07 San Francisco, CA - Dolores Park  Cafe
6.09.07 Portland, OR - Fat Girl Speaks
6.10.07 Portland, OR -  Mississippi Pizza
If the NorthWest or CA is where you are and you would like to host a  
House Concert during this time, please let me know at 
_bigmouthgirl at aol.com_ (mailto:bigmouthgirl at aol.com) 
6.23.07 San Francisco, CA - SF Dyke March
6.30.07 Ithaca, NY -  Martin-Lyon Lesbian Support Services
7.01.07 Syracuse, NY - Syracuse Jazz  Festival
8.05.07 Hart, MI - 3rd Annual Pre-Fest Concert
8.08.07 Hart, MI -  Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

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