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OutVoice Top 40 for April 2007

1. Terry Christopher "Journey Of A Wordsmith" * http://www.terrychristopher.com 

2. Nick Granato "Outside The Lines" * http://www.nickgranato.com 

3. NEKKED "A Barrier Of Skin" * http://www.nekked.net/ 

4. CYNOVA "Miracle Alley" * http://www.cynova.info 

5. Kris Landherr "Will Rassle For Food" * www.krislandherr.com 

6. Levi Kreis "The Gospel According To Levi" * www.levikreis.com/ 

7. Shawn Thomas "Faith Unashamed" * www.shawnthomasonline.com 

8. Ochi "Just Ochi" * www.justochi.com 

9. Michal Nicolas "Uncovered" http://www.michalnicolas.com 

10. Armstrong Jr. "Come Show Your Face" * http://www.armstrongjr.com 

11. Daniel Cartier "You And Me Makes We" * http://www.danielcartier.com 

12. Joshua Klipp "Patience" * http://www.cutelittlewhiteguy.com/ 

13. Sue Merchant "Fool" * http://suemerchant.net 

14. CRAYMO "Cosmos" * www.craymo.com 

15. Jen Foster "The Underdogs" http://www.jenfoster.com 

16. 9bobNOTE  "Mad AT Superman" * www.9bobnote.com 

17. Robert German "Sirens of Brooklyn" * http://robertgerman.com 

18. David Ritchie "Stranger In The Grass" * http://www.myspace.com/davidritchiemusic 

19. Sister Funk "Gossip" * http://www.sisterfunk.com 

20. Tanya Pluth "Saving Graces" * www.tanyapluth.com/ 

21. Patrick Boothe "Finally The View Has Changed" * www.patrickboothe.net 

22. Woobie Bear Music "G" * CD Global 1 Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com 

23. Natalia Zuckerman "Only One" http://www.nataliazukerman.com 

24. Linq "Fast Moving Dream" * http://www.linqmusic.com/ 

25. Namoli Brennet "Alive" http://www.namolibrennet.com 

26. Woobie Bear Music "Bear Tracks 4" * Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com 

27. Georgie Jessup "Woman In A Man's Suit" * www.georgiejessup.com 

28. Daphne Rubin-Vega "Redemption Songs" * www.daphnerubin-vega.com 

29. Melissa Ferrick "In The Eyes Of Strangers" http://www.melissaferrick.com 

30. Cris Williamson "Real Deal" * www.criswilliamson.com 

31. Congress Of Starlings "Albedo" * www.congressofstarlings.com 

32. Andrew Suvalsky "Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides" * www.andrewsuvalsky.com 

33. Elton John "The Captain and the Kid"   http://www.eltonjohn.com 

34. The Damsels "Ashes" * http://www.thedamsels.net 

35. Lovari "Lovari" www.myspace.com/lovari 

36. Susan Souza  "Inside And Outside"* www.susansouza.com/ 

37. Shimmerplanet  "For The One Who Kills Tomorrow" * www.shimmerplanet.com 

38. Bylli Crayone "Girl Hang It Up" http://www.byllicrayone.com 

39. Reuben Butchart "Golden Boy" * www.reubenbutchart.com/ 

40. Estrogen "Tales From Lesbianville" http://www.creative-women.com/estrogenband/estrogen_cd.html 

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