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Tue May 8 16:26:22 EDT 2007

Hi Everybody,
This bulletin is to let you know that in a couple of weeks our new cd single, "FLASH '07" will be available to order. It will have 7 tracks, 7 versions of "FLASH":
1) FLASH '07 (full length version) - The song is a genrebender, comprised of 2 distinct parts. The first part is a pop song about the afterlife of Princess Diana. The second part is a much darker rock song, gothic really, that holds within the "moral of the story". If this were destined for an album, the full-length version would be what you would hear. But this is a single so... The track is performmed by myself on synths and vocals, Marcus Rezak of the Chicago Fusion quartet, The Hue on guitars, and David Vector on swinging, monster bass guitar.
2) FLASH '07 (radio edit)- This is the pop song. It ends with the bright and bouncing chorus, forgoing the dark side altogether. This is what you will be hearing on radios all across the land.
3) FLASH '07 (THOMAX MIX)- This song is a total re-writing of FLASH by a very talented performmer named Shawn Thomas of West Palm Beach, Florida. The only thing that remains the same are my vocal melody and lyrics. The backing tracks are entirely by Shawn. I describe it as Depeche Mode covering Madonna's, "La Isla Bonita", because it has a delightful ( and improbable) marriage of latin guitar and euro-synths. This is a full-length version.
4) FLASH O7 (THOMAX RADIO MIX)- The shorter, radio friendly mix described above.
5) FLASH '07 (THOMAX TRAX MIX)- This version is the perfect sing-along, Karaoke version of the full-length mix.
6) FLASH '97 (full-length version) This is the original I released late in 1997, and was reviewed by Larry Flick in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE in January of 1998. It is a much more spare track with all keys performmed by me. It was originally released as a Cain solo track, but later compiled as a bonus track on Boys' Entrance's, "Queer Punk Folder".
7) FLASH '97 (radio edit) need I say more?

All told there is about 38 minutes of music on the cd single. The single features super-graphics and photographs by the multi-talented producer of the song, Timmy Samuel. It is a beautiful package you will enjoy holding and reading.

We are going to sell them for a mere $5.00 directly, or $6.00 through CD Baby. The digital tracks will be available first on our MySpace page -
(www.myspace.com/boysentrance), and later at iTunes and 60 other download services.

Please write to me at this address if you would like to pre-order a cd single. I will be autographing them for you, so include any specific wording you would like.

Thank you for being a friend of me and Boys' Entrance. Your support is indispensable, in making the song known to a broader audience.

Tim and the Boys

"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

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