[OutVoice] Requests for music, another request, and a post SXSW thought for musicians..

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Sun Mar 18 18:09:03 EDT 2007

Dear Outsters--
Well, the big SXSW festival in Austin draws to a close for another year,  and 
there's some things I'd like to mention..
First is..PLEASE don't forget to send your music out. Yesterday I met Kitty  
Rose's partner, Jody, who co hosts "Queer Ear" from Mendocino's KZYX &Z  
(online at  _http://www.kzyx.org/_ (http://www.kzyx.org/) ),  and they'd especially 
love some queer male musicians to add to the mix. So look  them up and send 
them stuff, fellas..
While you're licking those stamps, how 'bout sending a promo CD or two this  
way too? I'm planning a new release show this weekend myself..
Okay..post SXSW talk..I'd encourage folks to think about coming down to  
Austin for this event. Even if you're not performing, there's all sorts of music  
folks around. I'd bet you'd wind up catching someone special.
But if you WOULD like to perform, I'd love to see if we could finally  
arrange a queer showcase here. A couple of years ago Scott Free and I were  trying 
to get something started, but we got sidetracked (my heart attack, for  one 
thing..) Anyway, I'd like to throw this out again..perhaps this time (say,  
around 360 days before) there'd be time to make some arrangements..
Oh. The other request..tell me what song made you gay..
Love, Taylor  

"QueerWaves"--Taylor Cage, host and producer
A showcase for glbt  and just plain queer musicians and their music
On Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm  Central Time
91.7fm KOOP Austin TX
Live Webcasts, Schedules, Playlists and  more
@ _http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org/) 
Studio  Phone: 1-888-915-5667(KOOP)

Please  send promotional material to:
Taylor Cage
2819 Foster Lane, Apt  F122
Austin TX  78757

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