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Sun Mar 18 14:21:05 EDT 2007

Can any LGBT radio hosts or songwriters here help out with a request we've 
had from a member of Gay Guitarists Worldwide? Below is the request and my 
response.   - thanks, RU

In a message dated 3/18/07 1:38:17 PM, tampats2003 at hotmail.com writes:
my friend Eric Young died this morning. he was 39. maybe someone will
write a song today, or perform and can reflect on those we love and
lose...and in some small way dedicate to my friend Eric.
he was hansome and funny, intelligent and the life of the party (and
hung!) we will miss him...life is hardest for those left behind....he
died "Young" love, Candy!

Candy -
I will forward your post to gay radio hosts across the country.
They would be in a good position, and have a good catalog of appropriate
songs on hand by LGBT artists, to air on the ocassion of a kindred spirit 
passing away.
If you know of any radio stations and hosts - try contacting them directly 
with your
request. We have contact info for quite a few gay radio shows in our links 

I wrote my song "Joey Sails Away" on my ELEGIES cd for a departed beloved
gay friend/lover who also died young.   I'm sure other members have 
appropriate songs too. Am happy to dedicate it to you and yours on this occasion.

If any LGBT radio hosts get these posts - can you air some remembrance
type songs for Candy's departed friend? Candy's email is: 
tampats2003 at hotmail.com
thanks - 
robert urban - founder

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