[OutVoice] "QueerWaves" playlist--03/10

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Sun Mar 11 11:50:14 EDT 2007

Dear Outsters--
As Austin prepares for the annual onslaught of SXSW, "QueerWaves" took a  
listen to some of the new music that's come this way..
If you tuned your radio to 91.7fm Austin TX or linked your browser to 
_http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org)  around 3pm CST yesterday,  here's what 
you'd have heard..
NICK GRANATO/"In This Human Race"/Outside the Lines
PATRICIA BARBER/"Morpheus"/Mythologies
DANIEL CARTIER/"The Doofus Of Love"/You and Me are We
LINQ/"George Orwell, Where Are You?"/Change the Picture, George
ERASE ERRATA/"Tax Dollar"/Nightlife
MATTHEW DUFFY/"#1 Enemy"/CD Single
LEVI KREIS/"Futurelove"/The Gospel According to Levi
PAUSE/"Suddenly, Henry"/Hello Teddy: A Kuma-Chan Records Sampler
DUDLEY SAUNDERS/"Love Song For Jeffrey Dahmer"/The Emergency Lane
NEKKED/"Sleeping With The Lights On"/A Barrier of Skin
BITCH/"Witches/Aileen Wuornos"/Make This Break This
EX-BOYFRIENDS/"Ollie"/Dear John
GRETCHEN PHILLIPS/"To The Lady C"/I Was Just Comforting Her
JAY SPEARS/"My Boyfriend's Back"/Playin' On My Team
Next Week: SXSW..oh, god..
If you'd like to see the small blue room we were broadcasting from most of  
last year, check out the YouTube with yours truly, Andrew, Assacre, and the  
Tuna Helpers.._http://youtube.http://youhttp://youtub_ 
And  don't forget to tell me..WHAT SONG MADE YOU GAY?
Love, Taylor
"QueerWaves"--Taylor Cage, host and producer
A showcase for glbt  and just plain queer musicians and their music
On Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm  Central Time
91.7fm KOOP Austin TX
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@ _http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org/) 
Studio  Phone: 1-888-915-5667(KOOP)

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Taylor Cage
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Austin TX 78757
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