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Lesbian Singer-songwriter-parking attendant Jamie Anderson live* in NYC 
*because dead musicians are no fun 
Jamie Anderson, singer-songwriter-gets bored easily, will be returning to NYC 
for a show on Saturday, March 24, 8 pm, at the People’s Voice Café (at Workman
’s Circle), 45 E. 33rd St., www.peoplesvoicecafe.org, with Peter Pasco. More 
at _www.jamieanderson.com_ (http://www.jamieanderson.com)  and 
Touring nationally since the eighties, Jamie Anderson has played her warm and 
witty songs in hundreds all over the U.S. She’s released seven albums 
including her newest, A Promise of Light, and will release a new one this summer. Her 
music has been featured on Good Morning America, the Dr. Demento radio show, 
Car Talk, and radio stations all over the world. A video including her song “
When Cats Take Over the World” has been viewed by over 130,000 on YouTube, 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b72rZrbOhN4 Jamie loves being a full time musician, 
so she doesn’t really park cars, but her mama said she should have something 
to fall back on.
Jamie’s a confused folk singer who dabbles in several genres – witness the 
fun bluegrass romp of “Hurricane,” the jazzy “Gone,” and “Your Night Just Got 
More Interesting,” an almost-pop number. For those who like their music 
political, there’s “Beautiful,” about body image, and “Felon,” a less than kind 
look at North Carolina’s weird laws. The title cut of A Promise of Light is a 
calming plea for peace; the disc even has a traditional folk tune, “Polly 
Vaughn,” featuring a lovely fingerpicked guitar solo from Jamie.  
When Jamie isn’t touring, she’s taught songwriting, guitar and other classes 
at Duke University, arts centers, privately in Durham, NC, and at festivals 
all over the country. She has a chapter in Songwriting and the Guitar, a book 
that also includes Paul Simon, The Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell and others. 
Jamie is a freelance writer whose articles and CD reviews have appeared in 
Acoustic Guitar, Indie-Music.com, SingOut! and more.   
Laughter is a big part of Jamie’s live performance. Her offbeat song intros 
and stories help keep the performance fun but don’t be surprised when she 
delves into more serious issues. She’s emceed at many events and twirls the baton 
badly, sometimes at the same time. She’s also a bellydancer and former radio 
DJ, never at the same time. 
Jamie’s expressive voice and personable stage manner are an asset to any 
stage.  She loves to perform, just don’t ask her to park any cars unless payment 
includes chocolate.
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