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Hi  Everybody,

Thanks for all your offers to host the  LGCMA site. JD Doyle is going to take 
it over. But, it will no longer be an  organization so much as a listing of 
gay CW performers. If you will allow me,  I have some parting words...

This is wonderful,  very important work we are doing. However, we are in a 
cultural war. And,  unfortunately, our music is a weapon. I want to caution 
everyone against  becoming bitter, if you don't achieve the success you deserve. 
If being  successful is more important than working for cultural change, then 
this can  all result in bitterness. We have to have other ways of making money 
to live  on and having health insurance, etc. We may not be the ones who 
achieve  success. But we are paving the way for others, in the future. Somebody has 
to  lay the groundwork. I guess that is us.

Love to you  all, --Doug

Amen and AMEN Brother!!!
Thank you for your words of encouragement.
What a wonder you are Doug!  Thank  you for all you have contributed to our 
And thank you to JD Doyle for adding yet another HAT to  your rather LONG 
WALL of Hats...  ; )

We are the pioneers in our industry at  this time.
Because of artists like you Doug, the ones that come  after us will be able 
to take things much further.  That understanding gives me great pride, joy and  
But I also know this ... living in the digital age ...  our work will 
certainly NOT die with us.  It will live on for as  long as people have access to 
computers and the Internet, and  have the freedom to search for the artists and 
type of music  they long for. This is why people like JD Doyle and others  who 
do (or have done) these special collections of sexually  diverse music online 
are so important.  Thank God for you guys!   Cause you are the ones who are 
preserving (and even  digging up) our history.  In fact, (in my opinion) there  
needs to be more thought and talk going on about establishing a fund to insure 
 that our communities various music sites maintain for many years to  come.  
With my Highest Respect!!
Your Brother in arms and peer,
Christian Andréason  

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