[OutVoice] A parting word...

Doug Stevens dougstevens57 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 23 15:24:10 EDT 2007

Hi Everybody,
  Thanks for all your offers to host the LGCMA site. JD Doyle is going to take it over. But, it will no longer be an organization so much as a listing of gay CW performers. 
  If you will allow me, I have some parting words...
  This is wonderful, very important work we are doing. However, we are in a cultural war. And, unfortunately, our music is a weapon. I want to caution everyone against becoming bitter, if you don't achieve the success you deserve. If being successful is more important than working for cultural change, then this can all result in bitterness. We have to have other ways of making money to live on and having health insurance, etc. We may not be the ones who achieve success. But we are paving the way for others, in the future. Somebody has to lay the groundwork. I guess that is us.
  Love to you all, --Doug

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