[OutVoice] An update

Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Sun Jul 22 14:01:57 EDT 2007

I wanted to  explain the delay in the nominations / voting processes and changes in this year's Pride In The Arts Awards. As well as some delays in other areas.  I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my spine, shoulders, and neck. Not life threatening and actually good as a heart attack was feared. So far distraction, (due to rigid muscles and pain),  for a lack of better word, along with adjusting to medications has caused some issues with regard to being able to function at 100% over a long period of time. This new challenge will require several tests and some therapies over the next few months. This will cause some changes to be made in my schedule and ability to tend to SWS, PITA, OutVoice, and Rainbow World Radio schedules and services. I will post information as soon as available. None are closing, just realigning. 

While the StoneWall Society Network of members is active in areas like voting and various site participation projects, the nuts n bolts of the sites are pretty much handled by yours truly. As the major techie for these sites and operational manager there may be some slow periods as I meet this challenge or find assistance. My apologies in advance for any inconvenience, and my sincere thanks to all for your understanding during this period. Many thanks to Mountman / Joe Wright for his assistance and for Chris my better half for being there and all the help.  

Hugs Around, 
Len Rogers
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