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Mon Jul 16 23:17:56 EDT 2007

Hi, Outmusic & Outvoice members,  
Some of you are  aware that my monthy Queer Music Heritage segment is aired 
part of the  weekly show, Queer Voices, on the 4th Monday of the month. Well, 
I'm also on  Queer Voices EVERY Monday, helping to co-host. QV has mainly 
a "talk  show" format, but with my "nudging" I'm able to slip in quite a few 
songs  between guests. Here are the songs played in the last two or three  
Tom Robinson - Glad to Be Gay '87
Tori Fixx - Marry  Me
Melissa Etheridge - Piece of My Heart
Mz Fontaine - Wavin' the  Flag
Deadlee - Good Soldier II
Linq - Change the Picture
4 Poofs &  a Piano - Extreme Eighties
Eric Himan - Bartender
Martine Locke -  Hallelujah
Martine Locke - Rather Be
Martine Locke Interview
Tim Walker  - Klondyke   (straight artist)
Dave Hall - God Is Wide
Jon  Gilbert Leavitt - Pride
Randy Jones - New York City Boy
Lipstick  Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Ivri Lider - Jesse
Diana Jones - Pretty  Girl
Diana Jones - Fever Moon
Charlie King - Tinky Winky Song
Kinsey  Sicks - Baby Dyke
Anthony Rapp - Just Some Guy
Cliks - Complicated (radio  edit from L-Tunes)
Nemesis Rising - Number One in Heaven
Nemesis Rising -  Letter to God
Josh Duffy - Artificial
Josh Duffy - What If Life (with  Jason & deMarco)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - Pride
Jallen Rix - I Saw Jesus  Down at Stonewall
Houston Gay Men's Chorus - Let's Do It 
Houston Gay  Men's Chorus - Be a Clown
Flirtations - Everything Possible
Girlyman - You  Were the Lie
Nemesis Rising - Number One in Heaven
Josh Duffy -  Artificial
Josh Duffy - What If Life (with Jason & deMarco)
Josh Duffy  Interview
Josh Duffy - Call Back
Amy Cook - Coming Home (The  Eclipse)
Amy Cook - The Answer
Laurel - Sweet Insanity
Cynova -  Invisible
Bitesize - Switch Hitter
Charlie King - Tinky Winky  Song
Anthony Rapp - Just Some Guy
Clark Carlton - Boys on the  Sand
Kinsey Sicks - Gay Straight or Bi
Amy Fix - Closet
Heiskell - Your  touch
Heiskell - The Death of Knoxville Cool
Bluehouse - Help Me Make it  Through the Night
Of course they'll be LOTS more coming up, and artists, please send  me your 
CDs, if I don't have 'em, I can't play 'em...:)

JD Doyle

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