[OutVoice] "QueerWaves" playlist--06/30

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Mon Jul 2 12:40:00 EDT 2007

Dear Outsters--
Well, "QueerWaves" will be taking a break for the month of July, to return  
in August with ALL NEW MUSIC MONTH. WheeHOO! So this week's kiss-bye focused on 
 the incredible Greg Hudson, the man behind Woobie Bear music. Of immediate  
interest is the label's upcoming release, TRIPLE PLAY--its CD release party is 
 07/07/07 in Las Vegas, and if you decode the secret message on its album 
art,  you'll win $1000. Cool. For more information, check out 
_http://www.woobiebearmusic.com_ (http://www.woobiebearmusic.com)  for the  lowdown..
Folks got the AudioFile rundown on new releases from LISA KOCH, COYOTE  
GRACE, and METROPOLITAN KLEZMER, and of course This Way Out's  Newswrap..
What else? How about these fine folks you'd have heard if you tuned in  
91.7fm KOOP Austin TX or if you linked to the website at _http://www.koop.org_ 
(http://www.koop.org)  at 3pm CST Saturday..
THE B-52'S/"Summer Of Love"/Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology
PETER GRUDZIEN/"Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere"/The Unicorn
KENDALL/"Ain't Love Queer"/Re-Kindled
and STORYBOX/"Sun (Lthrboots Club Mix)"/Triple Play
PEPPER MASHAY/"Beauty Shop (DJ Corey D 'Radio Mix')"/"G" CD1
THE B-52'S/"Wig"/Nude on the Moon
See you in August, darlin's..
Love, Taylor
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