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Mon Aug 27 18:14:17 EDT 2007

Hey Everyone,

I'm planning an all request September on The Quest of
Life.  That means that each Friday we will play the
songs you request, as long as they meet our GLBT
artist requirements, pass FCC guidelines for those 7
words, and I can locate the song.

We play on average of 10-14 songs each Friday.  That
means that I can accomodate about 48 requests over the
course of the month.  I will take them first come
first serve.....that could make for an interesting mix
of music each week.

Help plan the music for September and get those
requests in.


The Quest of Life is about inspiration, inspirational
people, spirituality and music in the Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual and Transgender community.

Play-list and guest's web sites posted after the show

Harry Faddis 
Steve Sims 
The Quest of Life 
Fridays Noon - 2pm Eastern 
WRPI Troy 91.5 FM

Submit your music so we can play it:

Steve Sims
391 Herrington Hill Road Greenwich, NY 12834

Live on the web @ www.wrpi.org

www.outmusic. com

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