[OutVoice] "QueerWaves" playlists--08/18 and 08/25

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Dear Outsters--
Continuing with "QueerWaves" playlists--we have some great New Music  shows..
KIRSTEN PRICE/"Magic Tree and
TANGELA BELL/"Addiction"/Revolutions: Music with a Twist
GINA LIVINGSTON/"Kisses in SoCo"/Footsteps of My Soul
PHIL DUTRA/"(Let Me Be Your) Superman"/Right Behind the Rain
JOSH DUFFY/"Artificial"/Artificial
DAVID KOZ with BARRY MANILOW/"Moon River"/At the Movies
ELLEN ROBINSON/"The Fiddle And The Drum"/Mercy!
SEAN COONEY/"Pretty Boy"/Dandelion in Distress
MARSHALL ZARNE/"Moonshiner"/Booze, Sex, and the Devil
BRIAN KENT/"Don't Stop Believin' (2007 NYC Pride Mix)"/Breathe  Life
ARI GOLD with SACHA ALLEN/"Where The Music Takes You"/Transport  Systems
HORSE/"Red Haired Girl"/Red Haired Girl
JAMIE ANDERSON/"Grace"/Three Bridges
SEAN WIGGINS & LONE GOAT/"Watching The World Go By (Acoustic)"/The  Kitchen 
JEFFREY ALTERGOTT/"Don't Prove Me Right"/Don't Be A Stranger
DUDLEY SAUNDERS/"Love Song For Jeffrey Dahmer"/The Emergency Lane
NEKKED/"Sleeping With The Lights On"/A Barrier of Skin
DANIELLI/"Cold Killer"/Hater's Heart
MICAH BARNES/"After You"/Micah Barnes
PHIDEAUX/"Candybrain/Crumble"/Doomsday Afternoon
RUTHIE FOSTER/"People Grinnin' In Your Face"/The Phenomenal Ruthie  Foster
Next week..heck yeah, more new stuff!
Love, Taylor
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