[OutVoice] "QueerWaves" playlist for August..and where the hell have I been?

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Sun Aug 26 16:57:44 EDT 2007

Dear Outsters--
Where the hell have I been this month? Well, I've been on the air every  
Saturday, thank you very much for asking. Seriously, tho, I've spent the month  
considering where to take this show after 9 years..
I suppose I should get the bad news over first--after all, there's some  good 
news after that. 
The bad news is, after 9 years, I'm giving up the Saturday slot. There's  
lots of reasons for doing so, but I'll miss being part of KOOP's Saturday  
broadcast schedule. But it will be nice having two day weekends again..
Okay, the good news. KOOP is expanding its broadcast into an internet  
schedule--using our webcast for the hours that the station isn't on the air.  We'll 
also have our second studio ready soon, so I see taking "QueerWaves" into  one 
of these time slots. I'll be able to record more than one show at a time for  
broadcast (giving me at least SOME two day weekends)--and I'll ask for it to 
be  aired during the 10pm to 6am Safe Harbor. Yeah, I know..chances are even I 
won't  be wake at the time my show airs, but the station's working on 
archiving shows,  so that means you'd be able to listen to "QueerWaves" anytime you 
want--and I  wouldn't have to worry if the singer's saying "ship" or "shit"..
So change is in the air..but we're still on 91.7 KOOP for at 3pm Saturdays  
here in Austin for the time being, and here's what you'd have heard this  
LAURA NYRO AND LABELLE/"Monkey Time/Dancing In The Street"/Gonna Take a  
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD/"Magic Garden"/The Dusty Springfield Anthology
LESLEY GORE/"California Nights"/The Best of Lesley Gore: The Millennium  
ARTHUR RUSSELL/"Let's Go Swimming (The Walter Gibbons Mix)"/The World of  
Arthur Russell
THE B-52'S/"Rock Lobster"/Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology
LITTLE NELL/"Do The Swim"/Songs from the Vaults: A Collection of Rocky  
Horror Rarities
JAYNE COUNTY/"Come On Down To My Boat"/Deviation
MICHAEL HOLLAND/"Firefly IX"/Beach Toys Won't Save You
The Elvis Show--up and down the Kinsey Scale with the King
JOHN CALE/"Heartbreak Hotel"/The Island Years
RICHARD THOMPSON/"From Galway To Graceland"/Watching the Dark: The History  
of Richard Thompson
EL VEZ/"Esta Bien Mamacita/En El Barrio"/How Great Thou Art
EL VEZ/"Lady Stardust"/Son of a Lad from Spain..No from Mexico!
For Lee Hazelwood and Joe York:
TEDDY & DARREL/"These Boots Are Made For Walking"/Queer to the  Core
JOE YORK/"Anyone Can Whistle"/My Favorite Year
Back to Elvis..
LONG JOHN BALDY/"Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And  
Roll"/Boogie Woogie: The Warner Brothers Recordings
QUEEN/"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"/Greatest Hits I & II
SKOTT FREEDMAN/"Walking In Memphis"/Some Company
JOE JACKSON/"Memphis"/Steppin' Out: The Very Best of Joe Jackson
JANIS IAN with WILLIE NELSON/"Memphis"/God & The FBI
More in the next email..
Love and all, Taylor
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