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As I've not seen it posted yet, I am letting the  list  know that Maxine 
Feldman passed away on August 18th, in  Albuquerque, NM. I do  not have any 
ils yet, but I want to share  with you the text from the  description of her 
Outmusic Honorary  Award, in 2004. She was indeed one of our   pioneers.

Yes, definitely. She was singing about being queer way back when no one  did.
I used to visit her when she lived in Boston. She'd pull out her old photos  
and talk about touring, the festivals, recording her first song, all kinds of  
stuff. I miss her. Go in peace, my friend.
Maxine died unexpectedly after battling the flu for a couple of weeks. Her  
partner, Helen, was with her.

Jamie  Anderson
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