[OutVoice] JGLSongs launched

Jon Gilbert Leavitt jglsongs at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 18 13:26:04 EDT 2007

 Hi Outvoicers,

I wanted to let you know that I've launched JGLSongs. If some of you
have already gotten this info, sorry for the re-run. Besides the Artist
Services, JGLSongs also has Commercial Services (for commercial music,
jingles, soundtracks, background and music for promotional and
corporate events) and Weddings and Special Events (don't need to
elaborate here - and I use the term
weddings to encompass everything, since we all don't live in
Massachusetts, Spain, Holland, Canada, and parts of Germany, where
wedding really means everybody). Thanks! Jon -


JGLSongs - Artist Services



      What if you could work with someone who… 

 • could take the time to fully understand where you are trying to go with a song?

 • who gave you the option of collaborating virtually, so that you didn't have to leave home unless you wanted to?

 • who got your feedback along the way so that you could direct the process without having to drive it?

 • who knew how to apply all the latest technology (including Apple Logic Pro) without bogging you down in the details?

 • who kept prices affordable due to low overhead? 


  Skilled, tech-savvy production priced with artists in mind

JGLSongs is a music development service and sound design studio, which
can turn your ideas into fully produced, radio-ready marketable music.
JGLSongs can work with recording and performing artists and help them
to reach their full potential. Basic song ideas can be transformed into
fully developed songs and musical projects – arranged and mixed – for
demos, EP’s, singles or fully marketed CD’s. Performances, readings,
presentations, storytelling, slam poetry – whether live or recorded –
can be enhanced with unique audio design and sound sculpture.

Whether it's a demo or release, an idea or complete song,  JGLSongs Artist Services can take your music to the next level.   
 jglsongs at yahoo.com
  Getting your dreams on track 

Jon Gilbert Leavitt

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