[OutVoice] Msongs may have vocalists at last!

m_4songs at msongs.com m_4songs at msongs.com
Fri Aug 10 21:40:06 EDT 2007

Hello all,

yours truly Msongs may be at the end of the looking for vocalists road at
last! We are negotiating with several male and female vocalists to sing
our songs, perform in a group, and record some tracks leading to a full

Have not asked the question of them, are you gay? and don't intend to for
that matter, because it is irrelevant other than to determine whether any
of them are bashers or otherwise might not be pleasant to work with in
that regard.

Having said that, it will not surpise me a bit if one or more of them are,
which will be nice to have brothers and sisters in the group.

So wish us luck with our project, and you all will be among the first to
hear us when we get our act together and take it on the road.

Marshall Songs aka Msongs

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