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Sat Aug 4 11:30:41 EDT 2007

Three giant rock acts loom over transgender heavy-metal bassist TEMPEST's 
long and meritorious musical career.

TEMPEST is leader of the aggressive metal band Harsh Reality. The band 
completed about 120 shows nation wide in the last year to date. He/she also plays 
bass in the internationally recognized trans goth/glam band (2005 MMA award 
winning) All The Pretty Horses; and is occasional bassist for the infamous 
industrial band Apocalypse Theater .

Tempest was the first transsexual nominated for bassist of the year by the 
MMA (Minnesota Music Academy) in 2006 and was the Featured Performer of the year 
by URnotAlone in 2006.

See Tempest live-in-concert at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gayguitarists 
you'll concur - KIDS, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!  

Check out TEMPEST's photos and fascinating, in-depth interview feature by 
Robert Urban at:
Additionally, his photo and bio will grace our homepage all July at:

Crank it up - our time has come!

GAY GUITARISTS WORLDWIDE is the FREE international internet group for 
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akin stringed instruments. GLBT-friendly musicians fans also welcome.
Not limited to guitarists! - All kinds levels of players, from students to 
pros, are welcome. Find Musicians, gigs, jams, tour accomodations, private 
instruction, recording performance tips. Make new musical friends. Share discuss 
guitar techniques, amps, effects, guitar models, etc. Post pics share photos of 
yer fav instruments players. Post pics of yerself! Check out all the cool 
guitar music related info in our LINKS, FILES PHOTOS sections. Homepage photo 
rotates as we feature a different GLBT player each month.

Robert Urban
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