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Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Thu Aug 2 11:09:52 EDT 2007

Hi all,
     As many of you know, thanks for the wonderful messages, health has slowed me down a bit for a little while. Actually what it really has done is required a more "away from the PC" schedule. My apologies for the delay in getting this chart posted. Also to those waiting on my return emails, will be answering soon. According to the experts my schedule will remain hectic for a short period. Due to time needed away from the PC and involved in P.T., and some new exercise programs. These will be over the next three to four weeks. Then life should be back on my calendar. 
     I wanted to provide a brief explanation here just as information sharing. As the list has grown, so have the questions. My goal is just to provide that information. I really hate the "get out the cheese n' crackers babe, here comes the whine." type emails. However, this information does need to be posted, and will be on all sites. A side note to those who have expressed their anger and displeasure at these postings, just don't read the updates. 
    And on to the business at hand. What a month of voting,  and a note for July, looks just as active. Lots of heavy voting in the top Ten block. Numbers 1 through 6 are extremely close and the fans are really making this bean counter earn his keep. LOL Congratulations to all artists! We welcome six new artists to the chart this month. We lost some voting persons but gained in completed or more complete ballots. Remember, if you vote a complete ballot of ten then your number one choice gets ten points, then nine etc. If you vote only for the number one spot, your artist gets one point. Each ballot has a total potential ballot points of 55. 
    Anyway, Congratulations artists!
OutVoice Top 40 for June 2007

                    1. Nick Granato "Outside The Lines" * http://www.nickgranato.com 

2. Terry Christopher "Journey Of A Wordsmith" * http://www.terrychristopher.com 

3. Kris Landherr "Will Rassle For Food" * www.krislandherr.com 

4. Levi Kreis "The Gospel According To Levi" * www.levikreis.com/ 

5. Shawn Thomas "Faith Unashamed" * www.shawnthomasonline.com 

6. Sister Funk "Gossip" * http://www.sisterfunk.com 

7. Congress Of Starlings "Albedo" * www.congressofstarlings.com 

8. Natalia Zuckerman "Only One" http://www.nataliazukerman.com 

9. Carlyn Hutchins "Lust Love Lost" * http://www.carlynhutchins.com 

10. Jeremy James "Landlocked" * http://www.jeremyjamesmusic.com 

11. CYNOVA "Miracle Alley" * http://www.cynova.info 

12. Lovari "Lovari" * www.myspace.com/lovari 

13. Sue Merchant "Fool" * http://suemerchant.net 

14. Michal Nicolas "Uncovered" * http://www.michalnicolas.com 

15. CRAYMO "Cosmos" * www.craymo.com 

16. Norine Braun "Evolution Of The Blood Star" * http://www.norinebraun.com 

17. Robert German "Sirens of Brooklyn" * http://robertgerman.com 

18 Richard Cortez "Craving Something Beautiful" http://www.wollenbergrecords.com 

19. Ashley MacIsaac "Pride" http://www.ashley-macisaac.com 

20. NEKKED "A Barrier Of Skin" * http://www.nekked.net/ 

21. Tanya Pluth "Saving Graces" * www.tanyapluth.com/ 

22. Ben Schaefer The Upstairs Choir http://www.benschaefer.com 

23. Danny Katz"Strangely Beautiful" http://www.dannykatzmusic.com/ 

24. Patrick Boothe "Finally The View Has Changed" * www.patrickboothe.net 

25. Joshua Klipp "Patience" * http://www.cutelittlewhiteguy.com/ 

26. Freddy Freeman "Break The Silence" * www.freddyfreeman.com 

27. Ochi "Just Ochi" * www.justochi.com 

28. David Ritchie "Stranger In The Grass" * http://www.myspace.com/davidritchiemusic 

29. Enio"Oz" http://cdbaby.com/cd/ennio4 

30. Amy Fix "Spoon" http://www.amyfix.com

31. Nathan Duprey "Leisure Time" http://www.nathanduprey.com 

32. Liz Stahler "Stitches In My Sleeve" http://www.lizstahler.com 

33. Linq "Fast Moving Dream" * http://www.linqmusic.com/ 

34. Cris Williamson "Real Deal" * http://www.criswilliamson.com/ 

35. Daniel Cartier "You And Me Makes We" * http://www.danielcartier.com 

36. Woobie Bear Music "G" * CD Global 1 Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com 

37. Susan Souza  "Inside And Outside"* www.susansouza.com/ 

38 Namoli Brennet "Alive" http://www.namolibrennet.com 

39. Jen Foster "The Underdogs" http://www.jenfoster.com 

40. Georgie Jessup "Woman In A Man's Suit" * www.georgiejessup.com 

Hugs around,
Len Rogers
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