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"Part history lesson, part musical, part  politics and ALL entertainment."

Vicarious Productions and Rainbow Cathedral Metropolitan  Community Church 
are proud to present:


The Lesbian and Gay History  of the World, Vol. 1
Written and performed by JADE ESTEBAN ESTRADA
2005 Performance Artist of the  Year
Directed by Jeff Wills
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy  Stark
Costumes by Aliza


8:00 p.m.
May 19,  2007

Open  to the public 
$12 General  Admission
$10  Students/Seniors
Reservations/Information: 509-457-6454
Rainbow Cathedral  Metropolitan Community Church
225 North 2nd Street
_http://www.getjaded.com_ (http://www.getjaded.com/) 

Show duration is 65 minutes with no intermission
Appropriate  for ages 13 and up
Wheelchair accessible

Jade will be signing autographs  immediately after the performance!

For more information  visit:
_www.getjaded.com _ (http://www.getjaded.com/) 

Comedy Central star Jade Esteban  Estrada will present his solo musical 
ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the  World, Vol. 1 at Rainbow Cathedral 
Metropolitan Community Church May 19. Photo  by FADELA CASTRO.

"Jade Esteban Estrada is a  brilliant young writer and performer. It was an 
honor to experience the ministry  of this modern pioneer of the gay movement."
Rev. Troy  Perry
Founder of the Worldwide Metropolitan Community  Church

About ICONS: 
Beauty. Art. Flamboyance.  Love. Struggle. Fame. Meet Sappho, Michelangelo, 
Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein,  Sylvia Rivera and Ellen DeGeneres in this 
hilarious solo musical written and  performed by Jade Esteban Estrada. The show 
debuted at the 2002 Columbus  National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival. 

About Jade Esteban  Estrada:  
Formally choreographer to Latin diva Charo and a scratch vocalist to the  
Back Street Boys, Jade Esteban Estrada is a graduate of the American  Musical and 
Dramatic Academy and has been called "the first gay Latin star" by  The 
Advocate. The actor, singer, choreographer, composer and writer has  appeared on 
PBS, FX, Comedy Central and HBO Latino. He has lectured and  performed at 
numerous universities around the U.S. on Latin culture and LGBT  History. His seven 
solo theatre shows include: "ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay  History of the World, 
Vol. 1-3," "TransWorld! The Transgender History of the  World," "Gay 
Christian, Gay Muslim, Gay Jew," "Tortilla Heaven," and "Pico de  Gallo." In October 
2006, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher awarded him the title  of "Kentucky 
Colonel" for his work promoting goodwill and fellowship around the  world. Other 
colonels include Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Depp, Mae  West, Joan 
Crawford and Pope John Paul II. He also lent his golden voice to the  "Being 
Out Rocks" CD compilation for the Human Rights Campaign. He stars in the  
upcoming independent film "The Bad Singer" directed by Calvin Robertson III. For  
more information visit _www.getjaded.com_ (http://www.getjaded.com/) . 

"Funny and  irreverent...a feel-good session for gay people."

"Long before Estrada wraps himself with a rainbow-colored  flag at the show's 
end, he's proven that he's a master entertainer with a  message to convey."

"Without a  doubt, the best entertainment dollars I spent this year went to 
ICONS: The  Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1 with Jade Esteban  

"Catch ICONS as soon as you  can, or you will surely live to regret it."

"Estrada is a drama queen with a lesson  plan."

"Estrada's bug-eyed portrayal of  Gertrude Stein is brilliant."

Upcoming  Performances:

May 8 - Houston, TX
May 10 – Miami, FL
May  18-19 – Yakima, WA 
May 20 - Vancouver,  WA
May 27 – Moscow, RUSSIA
Jun 8 - San Antonio, TX
Jun 9 - Tallahassee,  FL
Jun 14 - Wilmington, DE
Jun 16 - St. Petersburg,  FL
Jun 23 - Houston, TX
Aug 4 - Fire Island, NY
Aug 30-Sept 2 - New  Orleans, LA
Sept 18 - Chicago, IL
Sept 20 - Tulsa, OK
Oct 1 - San  Antonio, TX
Oct 2 - Houston, TX
Oct 6 - Corpus Christi, TX
Nov 1 -  Prescott, AZ
Nov 12, 14 - San Antonio, TX

_www.getjaded.com_ (mip://19a330b8/www.getjaded.com) 

Pick up the  ANGEL CD today!
_http://www.cdbaby.com/jadeestrada_ (http://www.cdbaby.com/jadeestrada) 

Find  Jade Esteban Estrada on MySpace!
_http://www.myspace.com/jadeinamerica_ (http://www.myspace.com/jadeinamerica) 

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