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Hi All,
     The benefits of being a "D.I.Y." webmaster is that you usually always know what is happening. The down side is that personal emergencies and health problems leave you way behind. As is the case with this Chart getting posted. My apologies to the Chart Place Holders for this delay. Our voting numbers are on the upswing again and the number of voters utilizing a complete ballot are also up! Thanks for supporting GLBTI music and their supporters! 
     Now without further delay the fans, choice for the OutVoice March 2007 Top 40 Chart! Congratulations to all! See www.outvoice.net for full details.
                                      OutVoice Top 40 for March 2007
            1. Armstrong Jr.  "Come Show Your Face" *  http://www.armstrongjr.com
2. Terry Christopher "Journey Of A Wordsmith"  * http://www.terrychristopher.com

3. Nick Granato  "Outside The Lines"  *  http://www.nickgranato.com 

4. NEKKED  "A Barrier Of Skin"  * http://www.nekked.net/  

5. CYNOVA  "Miracle Alley"  *  http://www.cynova.info  

6. Joshua Klipp  "Patience"  *  http://www.cutelittlewhiteguy.com/ 

7.  Ochi "Just Ochi" * www.justochi.com 

8.  Levi Kreis "The Gospel According To Levi" * www.levikreis.com/ 

9.  Shawn Thomas  "Faith Unashamed" * www.shawnthomasonline.com 

10. Kris Landherr   "Will Rassle For Food" * www.krislandherr.com

11. Robert German  "Sirens of Brooklyn" * http://robertgerman.com 

12. Patrick Boothe  "Finally The View Has Changed" * www.patrickboothe.net 

13. Jen Foster    "The Underdogs"    http://www.jenfoster.com 

14. Sue Merchant  "Fool" *  http://suemerchant.net

15. Sister Funk  "Gossip" *  http://www.sisterfunk.com 

16. CRAYMO  "Cosmos" * www.craymo.com 

17. Tanya Pluth   "Saving Graces" * www.tanyapluth.com/ 

18. 9bobNOTE  "Mad AT Superman" * www.9bobnote.com 

19. Daniel Cartier "You And Me Makes We"  http://www.danielcartier.com 

20. Susan Souza  "Inside And Outside"* www.susansouza.com/ 

21. Andrew Suvalsky "Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides" * www.andrewsuvalsky.com 

22. Reuben  "Golden Boy" * www.reubenbutchart.com/

23. Daphne Rubin-Vega "Redemption Songs"  * www.daphnerubin-vega.com 

24. Georgie Jessup  "Woman In A Man's Suit" * www.georgiejessup.com 

25. Shimmerplanet  "For The One Who Kills Tomorrow" * www.shimmerplanet.com 

26. The Damsels "Ashes"  *  http://www.thedamsels.net 

27. Namoli Brennet    "Alive"   http://www.namolibrennet.com 

28. Woobie Bear Music "G" * CD Global 1 Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com 

29. David Ritchie "Stranger In The Grass" * http://www.myspace.com/davidritchiemusic

30. Melissa Ferrick  "In The Eyes Of Strangers" http://www.melissaferrick.com 

31. Woobie Bear Music "Bear Tracks 4" * Various Artists www.woobiebearmusic.com 

32. Jana Losey "Bittersweet" * http://www.myspace.com/janalosey 

33. Cris Williamson  "Real Deal" * www.criswilliamson.com 

34. Linq  "Fast Moving Dream" * http://www.linqmusic.com/

35. Elton John "The Captain and the Kid"   http://www.eltonjohn.com 

36. Estrogen   "Tales From Lesbianville" http://www.creative-women.com/estrogenband/estrogen_cd.html 

37. Natalia Zuckerman   "Only One"   http://www.nataliazukerman.com 

38. Congress Of  Starlings   "Albedo"   * www.congressofstarlings.com

39. Zrazy   "Dream On"   http://www.zrazy.com

40. Bylli Crayone   "Girl Hang It Up"   http://www.byllicrayone.com/ 

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