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Thu Apr 19 21:04:38 EDT 2007

One Day Left

In just one day, I will take 7 fresh tracks of FLASH to the mastering suite. (And you know I think masters are sweet!) But I digress.

I am so pleased and proud to be releasing FLASH again to the world. This time, I won't allow it to die on the vine like I did last time. That had more to do with what I thought of me, not the music. But all that is finished. we are moving ahead into OUR TIME.

I am putting the winner of my Remix Contest, Shawn Thomas, an Outmusic member up at my MySpace page for you to drool over. It is wonderful. I fully expect The Boys' Entrance version to have to fight for top position in the ears of the world. Remember, the focus for this release is a cd single in the UK. Ears are a bit different there. It could be there could be two versions vying for the #1 spot.

So travel to our page and enjoy the THOMAX MIX. And please help us to get the word out. we need you to make the magic happen.

Best Wishes,
Tim and the Boys 
"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

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