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News Release – 10 April 2007
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Chicago's Band Re-Releases “FLASH” - 
a tribute to Princess Diana
10th anniversary of Diana’s death prompts “Boys’ Entrance” to
issue updated version of their critically acclaimed single

Chicago, IL – 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Dubbed the “People’s Princess” because of her ability to connect with the everyday person, an estimated 2.5 billion people watched her funeral. Chicago band Boys’ Entrance will be part of worldwide commemorations of the 10th anniversary of her death by re-releasing “FLASH,” the 1997 song written in tribute to Princess Diana, on July 1, 2007 – Princess Diana’s birthday.

Tim Cain, the lead singer of Chicago rock band Boys’ Entrance, was among those staggered by the loss of Diana. “I was so shocked by her sudden death. We all were. The love she showed to the world continues to resonate with me. I remember watching her sit at the bedside of a man with AIDS, touching him, at a time when many felt unsure about the consequences of that simple act of charity. I can still recall images of her with Mother Theresa and the poor.”

The song title – “FLASH” - does triple duty by evoking memories of her life in the spotlight, the short time she was alive, and the cameras of the paparazzi that may have also contributed to her death. “Writing and recording FLASH was part of the grieving process for me,” said Cain, ”and a way to sustain the memory of her life and work. Princess Diana was much more than a royal in a cocktail dress. She was a great role model for the world, and we could scarcely afford to lose one of those.”

Billboard Magazine said of the original release of FLASH (1997): “Cain takes a pause from his regular stint as the lead singer of queer-rock outfit Boys’ Entrance to concoct a solo tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. His words are gratefully straightforward and clearly heartfelt, while a galloping beat provides necessary urgency. Cain’s tenor has a crackling intensity that leaves you wanting to hear more.”

FLASH (1997) can be heard in its entirety on the Boys’ Entrance MySpace page ( HYPERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/boysentrance" www.myspace.com/boysentrance). FLASH (2007) will be released Sunday, 1 July 2007, on iTunes® and will be available as a CD single at www.CDBaby.com.


About Boys’ Entrance
Boys’ Entrance was founded in Chicago in 1991 by Tim Cain, an openly gay musician originally from Champaign, Illinois. Named after a sign carved above the “boys’ entrance” to an old public school in Chicago, “Boys’ Entrance” was Chicago’s first queer rock band. Their songs confront homophobia and champion those on the fringes of gender. Their music has paid homage to gay civil rights pioneer Harry Hay, Princess Diana and Chicagoan activist/writer Jon-Henri Damski. 

The band has recorded three full-length CDs, "Exit or Entrance" (1991), “In Through The Out Door” (1995), and “Queer Punk Folder,” (1998). They have also recorded three EPs, “The Ballad of Freddie Mercury” (1992), “B.E.E.P. – The Boys’ Entrance E.P.” (1994), “Underdubbed: Boys’ Entrance Live” (1994), as well as several singles, including “Jon-Henri Damski” (2000). Billboard Magazine identified “Snowman” (from “In Through The Out Door”) as a Critic’s Choice in 1996 and offered a favorable review of “FLASH” in 1997. Four singles from “In Through The Out Door” charted on OutVoice in 1996, with “Soul in a Box” hitting number one. “Harry Hay” from “Queer Punk Folder” charted on OutVoice in 1997. In 2005 Tim Cain was honored for his 30 years as an out musician and received an OutMusic Award.

Boys’ Entrance will issue new 15-song CD, “TUNNELVISION,” themed around obsession, in the fall of 2007. All Boys' Entrance music can be found at CD Baby, iTunes, and more than 50 other download services.

"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

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