[OutVoice] ACTION ALERT! Congress to consider Hate Crimes legislation

Joanne Lynn Benjamin garfield25_tg at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 20:49:48 EDT 2007

ACTION ALERT! Congress to consider Hate Crimes legislation   Posted by: "Ethan St.Pierre" RadicalGuy at Gmail.com   transfriendly   Mon Apr 9, 2007 10:32 am (PST)   We've had a federal hate crimes law on the books since 1969, and
it has never included crimes targeting victims because of their
gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
Congress is about to consider a bill that would change that and
ensure all bias motivated crimes based on a person's sexual
orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, race,
religion, color and national origin are covered. It would also
help under funded law enforcement officials investigate and
prosecute hate crimes.

Tell your representative to support this bill at:

Here's something else that shocked me: one in six hate crimes
are motivated by the victim's sexual orientation.

And the federal government can't even investigate most of these
crimes or help bring the criminals to justice. That's

In past years, right wing groups have successfully blocked
attempts to expand hate crimes laws. They're gearing up for
another fight now, so we need to make sure our representatives
do the right thing and support this landmark law.

Click here to send your message:

In my mind, there's no question that including all hate crimes
protections for GLBT Americans in federal law doesn't constitute
"special treatment," as some right wing groups would have us
believe - there's nothing special about wanting to live safely
and without fear of violence. That's something everyone

Thanks for joining us,

Ethan - www.transfm.org  Joanne Lynn & Alanna Aine -www.wkjce.org

Goddess Bless,
-Joanne Lynn 
   Northwest PA Trans Group
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