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Wed Oct 25 09:43:36 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to decide on the name for our new cd. Here are three options: "DEMO-crat" (owing to my political leanings as well as the looser, low-fi feel of the new material), "Queer Thoughts" (taken from the title of the Damski track), and "Anal-Inventive" ( a Queer-positive revision of the Freudian classification, Anal Retentive).

That said, this may help you with the title. I am releasing early versions of two new Boys' Entrance pieces: "I'm Straight" and "Homoraga". The former is brand new, and only recently written. Timmy Samuel did the entire music bed. There will eventually be bass contributed by Tom Heslin (see Tom's profile in my friends section), and guitar by Mitch Marlow. But I am high on Timmy's production thusfar and thought you would enjoy hearing this work-in-progress.

"Homoraga" is many years old, yet never before released. It is entirely my performance, although I am not sure what will happen to it after Timmy gets his hands on it. 

So there you have it. Rarities ready to be downloaded and saved to compare leter versions against. Enjoy!

Tim Cain/ Boys' Entrance

"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

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