[OutVoice] Sandy Rapp's "Ballad of Billy Baird" at NOW-NYS Convention

SandyRapp at aol.com SandyRapp at aol.com
Fri Oct 13 08:44:16 EDT 2006

>From SandyRapp.com:
On Saturday 10/21/06 I'm doing a couple of spots for the  NOW-NYS Convention 
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albany, NY. I'll be   introducing the legendary 
Reproductive Rights Pioneer Bill Baird  with a song I wrote about him some 
years ago: "Ballad Of Billy  Baird." Baird brought about the US Supreme Court's 
historic  1972 "Baird v. Eisenstadt" decision which recognized birth control  
rights for single Americans and laid the foundation for 1973's "Roe v.  Wade" 
recognizing abortion as a privacy right. Both these decisions  were cited 
several times in the watershed 2003 Lawerence v. Texas ruling which struck down this 
country's "anti-sodomy" laws, all of  which were either selectively written 
or selectively enforced against the  LGBT community. The song is on my Flag & 
The Rainbow CD and/or if anyone  would like an mp3, just say the word.  For 
info about the NOW Convention  visit _www.nownys.org/index.html_ 
(http://www.nownys.org/index.html) .

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