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Mon Oct 2 03:44:58 EDT 2006

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                            THIS WAY OUT
                 the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                      Program #966 - the week of 10/2/06
         (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
 "This Way Out" prepares you to "Talk About It" on National Coming Out Day;
            "Harvey Milk, Gay Hero" debuts the "Rainbow Minute";
  South Africa's would-be president stumbles homophobically, Rhode Island
   lesbians qualify for Massachusetts marriage, gay Spanish fly-boys make
honest men of each other, New Zealand Presbyterians keep to the straight and
 narrow, Filipino queers declare their candidacy, and more global GLBT news

* In "NewsWrap": South Africa's would-be next president Jacob Zuma sparks 
outrage with remarks condemning the pending legalization of same gender unions 
and then apologizes... a court ruling opens legal marriage in Massachusetts to 
Rhode Island lesbian and gay couples, while the Georgia Court of Appeals rules 
that sexual orientation can't be used as a factor in child custody de
cisions... a gay Spanish Air Force couple is married by the mayor in Seville... New 
Zealand's Presbyterian Church reaffirms its 2004 ban on lesbians and gays in 
church leadership roles... a Filipino gay group is sponsoring a candidate for the 
2007 Congressional elections... and more GLBT news from around the world 
(written by GREG GORDON and reported this week by SHERI LUNN and JON BEAUPRE).

* "This Way Out" kicks off LGBT History Month with the debut of an 
enlightening new series, "THE RAINBOW MINUTE."  First up: "HARVEY MILK, GAY HERO" 
[produced by JUDD PROCTOR & BRIAN BURNS at the studios of WRIR in Richmond, 
Virginia, and read by DUSTIN RICHARDSON].

* The 18th annual NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY will be celebrated across the U.S. 
on October 11th.  Sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, and endorsed by 
virtually every queer advocacy group, events on that day encourage gay, lesbian, 
bi, and trans people to "Talk About It" with family, friends, and co-workers -- 
a personal approach proven to be the most effective educational tool there 
is.  "This Way Out" observes National Coming Out Day with a sparkling collage of 
music, humor, and some words of wisdom: begins with music from "No Hiding 
Place," written and performed by MARY WATKINS, segues into "first awareness" vox 
excerpts from a decades-old theatrical presentation about being out called 
"Without Reservations"; "Talk About It" PSA from the Human Rights Campaign (
www.hrc.org); author and therapist DR. DON CLARK ("Loving Someone Gay" and "Living 
Gay") talks with GREG GORDON about the exaggerated fears most people experience 
prior to coming out to people who are important in their lives, and how vital 
self-acceptance is in the coming out process; a truncated version of "I'm 
Okay," performed by STYX; a National Coming Out Day message from openly-lesbian 
actress AMANDA BEARSE ("Married...With Children"); "TWO" I.D., with an excerpt 
from their "Out In The Country," by DOUG STEVENS & THE OUTBAND; a message for 
her gay and lesbian children from "Mother Nature" (DUSTY STREET, from the 
long-ago "Gay Liberation Follies"); "Better blatant than latent" advice from "Lula" 
(LILY TOMLIN); ROMANOVSKY & PHILLIPS' live-in-concert performance of "Let's 
Flaunt It!"; and a concluding message by lesbian-feminist activist and poet PAT 
PARKER: "For the Straight Folks (Who Don't Mind Gays, But Wish They Weren't So 
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