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Tue May 30 14:17:15 EDT 2006

"This Way Out: the International Lesbian and Gay Radio Magazine" is pleased 
to announce a new partnership with the Out in America Cities Network - a 
partnership which will not only help support the program's continued success, but 
will also introduce it to Out in America's 750,000-member strong network of Web 

On the air since April 1988, "This Way Out" is the multi-award-winning 
internationally distributed weekly gay and lesbian public radio program currently 
heard on more than 150 community radio stations around the world. 

The partnership, effective with the program of June 19, 2006, grants Out in 
America exclusive GLBT online distribution of the weekly "This Way Out" radio 

"We're thrilled to have found a new online home at Out in America, and we 
look forward to a long and mutually-beneficial relationship," said "This Way Out" 
Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon.

"This is simply the right thing to do," says Out in America C.F.O. Gregg 
McConnell. "I can see this partnership really blossoming, and it fits well with 
our push to develop stronger content and the ability to reach future members by 
branching out into radio."

The non-profit radio program was faced with increased financial uncertainty 
when the PlanetOut network announced that it was cancelling its contract with 
"This Way Out" after it had audiocast the program online for eleven years.

"PlanetOut's decision was based on the company's business requirements, and 
certainly does not indicate any lack of respect for and appreciation of 'This 
Way Out' and its staff, " said PlanetOut managing editor Julie Ross. "We're so 
grateful for the consistently wonderful, enlightening and entertaining content 
the show has provided over the years."

As the largest city-based GLBT online network in the United States, the Out 
in America Cities Network's 178 city sites range from New York to Los Angeles 
as well as across Canada, Mexico and the U.K., all of which are collectively 
frequented by 7.6 million visitors monthly.

"We are so pleased to be able to support 'This Way Out' radio programming," 
said Out in America advertising and marketing manager Alana Haberman. "We feel 
it is important to keep gay news radio on the Internet.  This sponsorship is 
in line with our continued efforts to keep the GLBT community informed about 
the issues and events that are part of their daily lives."

The new licensing agreement with Out in America, however, does not secure 
"This Way Out's" financial future.  "We believe that this programming is so 
important to the GLBT community that we encourage others to support the program as 
well," urges Out in America's McConnell.  "We understand that additional 
financial assistance is needed to fully support 'This Way Out,' and we are proud to 
do our part."  Gordon notes that others can do their part by logging on to 
www.thiswayout.org to make a donation (U.S. tax-deductible) using the PayPal 
link.  There are also a variety of "thank you" gifts being offered -- not the 
same old "mug and t-shirt" fare, says Gordon, but special music, history and 
culture CDs available exclusively from "This Way Out."  Postal-mailed donations 
may be sent to "This Way Out" at P.O. Box 38327, Los Angeles, CA 90038.  In 
addition to direct contributions, supporters can also bid on some terrific items 
at the StoneWall Society-sponsored online auction to benefit the program -- 
look for the "This Way Out"  area at www.alternabid.com.

"No matter how challenging things may get for our primarily-volunteer 
production staff," says Associate Producer Lucia Chappelle, "we try never to lose 
sight of the fact that there are GLBT sisters and brothers who are far more 
challenged -- those who live in places where being out can literally be lethal -- 
who rely on 'This Way Out' as their lifeline.  For their sake, we're committed 
to providing the program free to community radio stations around the world, 
many of whom can't afford to pay for it."  

To view the current "This Way Out" carriage list of more than 150 local 
broadcast stations, to make (U.S. tax-deductible) donations online, or for other 
information about the program and its staff, visit www.thiswayout.org.
"This Way Out" is the award-winning internationally distributed GLBT radio 
program, currently airing on over 150 local commmunity radio stations around the 
world.  Each weekly half-hour edition of "This Way Out" includes "NewsWrap," 
a summary of some of the major news events in or affecting GLBT communities 
around the world.  Conversations with authors, activists and performers, news 
feature stories, movie and TV reviews and previews, literary critiques, humor, 
historical reviews, and other production features round out each program, all 
punctuated with a wide variety of music, especially self-produced recordings by 
openly GLBT performers, who rarely receive commercial radio airplay.  The 
half-hour "magazine"-style program is produced in Los Angeles and distributed via 
the Public Radio Satellite System and Pacifica Radio's KU satellite and 
Audioport to noncommercial/community radio stations in North America, via satellite 
in Australia through the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's 
ComRadSat, and on CD and online to stations around the world.  The program is 
also heard on satellite to home and cable outlets across Europe and in the 
Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacifica regions via the London-based World Radio 
Network and on Costa Rica-based short wave station RFPI (Radio For Peace 

The Out in America Cities Network and its Columbus, Ohio-based parent company 
Ethan Interactive, Inc. have become the most popular city-based GLBT online 
destination. A monthly average of 7 million households throughout North America 
and Europe visit at least one of the 178 individual Web sites within the Out 
in America Cities Network.  In its last year of operation, the Out in America 
Cities Network experienced a 400-percent increase in membership.  For more 
information visit http://outinamerica.com.

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