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Mon May 15 06:13:28 EDT 2006

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                           The week of 05/15/06 on
                          T H I S    W A Y    O U T
             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
    (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
       Exodus refugee Levi Kreis sings "out" about his life and music;
           A "Grace"-ful farewell to the show that had the "Will";
 Australia's Capital "ACTS" on civil unions, there's strong reaction to the
 Pope's "weak love" insult, a New Hampshire court "benefits" lesbigay state
   workers, a U.S. federal court "states" the marriage equality question,
  4 marriage proposals could crowd Colorado's state ballot, and more news

* In "NewsWrap": The Australian Capital Territory establishes marriage-like 
civil unions for gays and lesbians, while the Pope continues his relentless 
attacks on queers, calling non-hetero love "weak" in advance of the incoming 
Italian government's campaign promise to legally recognize same gender couples... 
a New Hampshire judge orders the state to offer domestic partner benefits to 
its lesbigay workers... a U.S. federal appeals court sidesteps the marriage eq
uality question, ruling that it's an issue for state lawmakers and courts... no 
less than 4 marriage-related initiatives could be on the Colorado state 
ballot in November... a physical education teacher in Halifax, Nova Scotia 
perceived to be lesbian finally gets justice almost 6 years after being falsely 
accused of inappropriate behavior with a female student... and more GLBT news from 
around the world (written by GREG GORDON and reported this week by JON BEAUPRE 

* Its first episode aired on September 21, 1998, early in the post-"Ellen" 
era of American television.  Queer characters were still a rarity, and NBC's 
introduction of a gay character in the title role of a sitcom was considered a 
bold move.  But from the very start, "WILL & GRACE" had "smash hit" written all 
over it -- a fact that was clear to our STEVE PRIDE when he visited the set of 
the show shortly after its maiden broadcast [with comments by SEAN P. HAYES 
("Jack") and executive producers DAVID KOHAN & MAX MUTCHNICK, and a scene from 
the pilot episode featuring Hayes and ERIC McCORMACK as "Will"].

* Growing up in Eastern Tennessee, LEVI KREIS was playing the piano by the 
time he was six years old.  Within two years he was performing regularly 
throughout the area, and by the time he turned twelve he'd already begun writing his 
own songs.  But his attraction to other boys led him to the so-called "change 
therapy" of EXODUS INTERNATIONAL and eventually derailed his burgeoning 
Christian music career.  Since then the now-openly gay Kreis has appeared in the 
national tour of "Rent," played Matthew McConaughey's younger brother in the film 
"Frailty," and been featured on "The Apprentice" TV show.  He released an 
album late last year called "ONE OF THE ONES" under his own Leekus Peekus label 
that's been both critically acclaimed and served as his official "coming out" 
recording.  With excerpts from that CD and from his as yet unreleased 
contribution to the soundtrack of the upcoming film version of "Southern Baptist 
Sissies," This Way Out's STEVE PRIDE chats with Kreis about his life and his music 
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