[OutVoice] Nashville Update from Freddy - Church Street, Rachael Sage Interview & more !

Freddy Freeman freddy at freddyfreeman.com
Fri May 12 10:25:57 EDT 2006

Just a little news from Nashville. 

After a little over a year living here in Music City, it seems like things are starting to get more interesting on the Queer music front. Many of you know that I put the open mic on hold because the location of the venue wasn't working. I've been looking for a new place and have a had a very promising meeting with the owner of a new venue called the Church Street Cafe'. It is in the heart of the blossoming gay district on Church Street. Church Street is just exploding with new GLBT stores, restaurants and clubs, all of which are eager to support local talent. If everything works out at the Church Street Cafe, we will once again have a monthly mic with a Q-nity showcase afterwards, in a great space with an excellent sound system. I'll keep y'all up to date on what happens with that. I am a little disappointed that my efforts to contribute artists to Nashville Pride did not bear fruit, but it may take some time and patience to make that happen. I'll be sure to continue to be in touch with them and see what we can make happen. I have seen so many queer artists now at 3rd & Lindlsey that I have almost started thinking of it as a gay bar. Last night I got to see the fantastic Jen Foster. Her set was too short and I wanted more. Her record "The Underdogs" is fantastic. I've gotten to know her a little better recently and  I look forward to collaborating with her in the future and maybe putting together a showcase. I'll be holding Bearapalooza at 3rd & Lindsley this year and I'm so excited! We have nine really fantastic performers from around the country. That will be July 22nd. Rachael Sage is coming back to town this weekend. Sunday May 14th at the Lipstick Lounge, and Wednesday May 17th at the Bluebird Cafe. I'll be sure to be at the Lipstick. The Lipstick Lounge is a fantastic venue. The stage is really small, but it's a great room with a lot of energy. I did a few songs at a benefit there, and have seen Ron Morris, and Sister Funk there. The Queer press here has been very supportive, they routinely cover my events and I have been writing a periodic column of CD reviews and artist features for the Church Street Freedom Press. I wrote a nice piece about Rachael Sage. A full page interview, along with a review of "The Blistering Sun" and a review of her live gig in Nashville in February appears in this weeks edition. http://www.churchstreetfreedompress.com/archive_pdf_files/csfp_05_11_06.pdf.
I'm still hard at work on my new CD "Break the Silence". I am really pleased that Greg Hudson will be picking it up on Woobie Bear Music. I will probably be holding a release party here in Nashville sometime in October or November.  So, although Nashville has always been a music Mecca, until now it really hasn't had much of scene that Out artists could be a part of. It's still relatively small compared to what I experienced in NY, but its growing. If any of you are coming through the area, consider stopping here. Contact me and I will see what I can do to help promote a show in the press, get you in contact with some venues etc. So, that's the news from Nashville, cant wait to see Y'all in NY for the OMAS !! 

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