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Mon May 1 06:47:26 EDT 2006

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                           The week of 05/01/06 on
                          T H I S    W A Y    O U T
             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Craig Chester's new romantic comedy "Adam and Steve" challenges stereotypes;
         Howard Stern is the "King" to OutQ's "Queen" -- Sirius-ly!
Euro activists battle prejudice against Pride, queer Holocaust victims are
  memorialized in Israel, Hong Kong won't host U.K. partnerships, "King &
 King" fairy tale frightens "faithful" Massachusetts parents, U.S. pupils'
plight is pondered as silent supporters protest, and more global GLBT news

* In "NewsWrap": The International Lesbian and Gay Association World 
Conference in Geneva includes a public protest of the threatened ban on Moscow's 
first-ever Pride march, while Latvian activists plan a second Pride event in Riga 
despite last year's ugly opposition, but in Canada, Ottawa Pride organizers may 
be bankrupt... the LGBT community is publicly represented for the first time 
in Israel's annual Holocaust Remembrance Day... the Hong Kong government 
refuses to allow lesbigay U.K. nationals living there to register their civil 
partnerships... a new survey shows a dramatic increase in the number of U.S. queer 
couples who plan to add children to their families... "faith-based" parents 
sue the Lexington, Massachusetts school system for allowing a teacher to read 
the gay-supportive fairy tale "King & King" to their children's class... new 
research sponsored by GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) shows 
that a vast majority of U.S. LGBT students continue to be verbally and 
physically harassed on campus, as the GLSEN-sponsored 10th annual "National Day of 
Silence" held on thousands of school campuses across the U.S. spotlights the 
difficult challenges facing LGBT students  (written by GREG GORDON and reported 

* SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO boasts a unique channel in its pantheon of talk and 
music programming: OUT-Q.  The 24/7 LGBT station beams queer talk and music to 
Sirius receivers virtually anywhere in North America -- at home or office, or 
on the road.  Because it's arriving via satellite, Sirius channels come in 
crystal clear even if you drive coast to coast.  QutQ founder and station 
manager JOHN McMULLEN chats with This Way Out's GREG GORDON about his relationship 
with Sirius and the recently-arrived "King of All Media" Howard Stern, and 
outlines OutQ's program line-up.

* The road to romance is no stroll through the Garden of Eden for "ADAM & 
STEVE", the heroes of a new over the top romantic comedy.  Veteran indie actor 
and queer idol CRAIG CHESTER makes the leap to the director’s chair for the new 
film about two gay men whose relationship blooms in the face of overwhelming 
odds.  Chester brings preview clips, and talks about his film, and being openly 
gay in Hollywood, with This Way Out's STEVE PRIDE  [www.Ad
amandSteveMovie.com, CraigChester.com, PrideOnScreen.com].
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